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Is DIY Startup AppsVillage The Next Wix?

AppsVillage wants to do for apps what did for websites: make them easier and cheaper to create

As published in The Times of Israel:

As our cellphones become an extension of our arms and are an integral part of our daily lives, so has the use of mobile apps grown: we have apps to show us the way, apps to count our steps, apps to touch up our photos and apps to keep in touch with friends.

According to App Annie, a business intelligence firm headquartered in San Francisco, the time we spend using apps continues to increase. On average, smartphone users use over 30 apps per month, and an average of at least nine apps per day. These are used mainly for social networking and communications, but also for photos and video, gaming, music, entertainment and shopping.

Businesses have caught on to this, and many have created apps to reach their clients.

What AppsVillage is proposing to do is to help businesses, from the nail salon to the coffee shop, to larger businesses, create their own app quickly, “in a snap.”

“Today, the best channel to get to a customer is via an app,” said Max Bluvband, who founded the firm a year ago with two of his high-school chums, Shahar Haidu and Nadav Daniel; all three are now aged 39. “For stores, 80 percent of revenues are based on 20-30 percent of their loyal customers.”

Some 1,000 new customers have set up their app via the firm in the past three months, mainly in Israel. The company is now launching the feature in the US.

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According to the Deloitte 2016 Mobile Consumer Survey, Australian mobile consumers interact with their smartphone over 480 million times a day.

Of those surveyed, 70% typically use an app or browser to conduct travel bookings and and 71 percent use them for online shopping.