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5 Israeli Companies Changing The Face Of International Fashion Tech

With its “Startup Nation” title and its dominance in the technology realm, Israel’s innovative entrepreneurs are working to bring the fashion industry into the modern, digital age.

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The global fashion technology movement may be in its infancy, but in Israel, it’s off to an inspiring start.

Here’s a round up of some of the hottest fashion tech startups currently in Israel.

Kornit Digital enables the mass customization of printed textile products by developing, manufacturing, and marketing digital printing technologies. This environmentally-friendly company has developed high-speed DTG printers that are the first industrial digital printers that offer direct-to-garment printing.

Given the machines’ high production capacity in the fully integrated printing services, the supply chain takes days rather than the standard unit of months. As such, the company minimizes the negative impact on the environment caused by printing production.

Donde Fashion is a website and app allowing users to find items from brands in women’s and children’s fashion using an image-based experience. Instead of relying on text searches and complicated filters, the Israeli startup has users narrow their search with images of clothing items, colors, clothing specifications (for example, sleeve lengths, necklines, etc.), materials, and patterns.

Traditional filters of size, price, and brand are also available. Donde Fashion was by Liat Zakay, Shai Katzir, and Or Ron in 2014.

Awear Solutions’ mobile app helps fashion companies obtain data about how customers use a particular product after purchase. The app gains this information through “smart tag technology,” with a tag inserted into the product.

The technology provides fashion companies with an understanding of customer behavior post-purchase, which could ultimately increase sales.Additionally, the customers benefit by receiving rewards from the company’s frequent flyer program.

Invertex tackles the issues of online fitting and mass product customization. The company produces omnichannel measure-to-fit solutions for top footwear brands and retailers using mobile applications. The company’s unique combination of accurate 3D-body-mapping technology and its cognitive AI fit engine allows consumers to enjoy a guided shopping experience on e-commerce and in physical stores, with the confidence that each product they select will always fit them perfectly. is geared toward aiding online publishers and retailers. Calling itself the “leading visual search engine,” has developed an “automatic visual search” using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This search engine allows users to tap on any image to discover where to purchase it. For publishers like fashion bloggers, the product shows users similar items from multiple brands and prices, which increases the odds that a visitor to the blog will click and purchase an item.

Meanwhile, when a business integrates the search engine into its website, its consumers can hover their cursor on a picture and receive additional results for similar, on-sale products. Therefore,’s business model includes revenue-sharing with publishers and a subscription fee for e-commerce stores.

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