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Pal Electronics Systems

Pal Electronics Systems is seeking to partner with distributors for security solutions  (access control) in Australia.

Pal Electronics Systems delivers advanced secure access control systems along with cloud service abilities.

They provide a wide range of accessories that make installation and service procedure effective and secure.

Secured product range:

GSM units 50 and up to 12,000 users (single or dual relay and gate state notification unit) along with additional controlling abilities such automatic clock for scheduled services, special commands for security manger at emergency situations, optical relay for high reliability. As well, very small dimension for easy installing (70X50X25 mm) and much more…

  • Encrypted remote control combines with secure GSM units capable of managing via Internet interface (user management including operation log, battery level remote indicator, group using time management and more).
  • Bluetooth controller that has the ability of web interface management.
  • long range RFID controller includes car stickers; web remote management capability and users group management that allows parking limiting time.
  • Quick-install vehicle detector (Loop detector replacement without underground installation or infrastructure)
  • Web interface that includes caller log, telephone list and technical log for system support and remote service.
  • Web controlled LPR (minimum infrastructure) that has unique parking management tools using cloud servers in wireless / wired communications.

Since 2012, Pal electronics is developing unique and the cutting edge technology.