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TDCOMM | Next-Gen Software for Simplifying Network Operations

TDCOMM specializes in private LTE and 5G networks for OEMs, system integrators and large organisations. Their software-only or complete turnkey wireless network solutions are capable of rapid deployment in harsh environments, to ensure the continued performance of your wireless operations in critical facilities and across the virtual space.

Dedicated to supporting existing IT, security and operations teams, TDCOMM provide customers with an advanced yet intuitive management platform, providing deep network insights and policy enforcement functions. Their products include enterprise networks, MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) platforms and rapid deployable networks for emergency services, tactical comms and backup coverage.

TDCOMM’s customer base is largely within Industry 4.0, Government, IoT, First Responder and Critical Infrastructure domains.

For all enquiries, email Luke at the Israel Trade Commission.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Cyber Warfare holds a grave hazard of striking national infrastructure while circumventing traditional defense systems. Israel has developed a unique legal and regulatory model for critical national infrastructure protection and has implemented it since late 2002. The Israeli approach appears to be highly successful. The nation continues to be a world‐class ICT power and to provide cyber security for its critical infrastructure and beyond, while balancing conflicting interests and fostering cooperation between public, security, academic and private sectors. The Israeli approach to Critical Infrastructure Protection and beyond, fostering cooperation between public, security, academic and private sectors, appears to be successful. This study of the evolution of the Israeli Critical Infrastructure Protection policy may assist policy-making in other countries.

The frequency and scale of cyberattacks on energy facilities are rising, and many countries are seeking new and efficient methods for protecting critical resources such as water, electricity, and gas, as well as the facilities that produce, dispense, and store energy. According to a 2020 report by the World Economic Forum, cyberattacks on critical infrastructure facilities rank fifth in terms of level and number of threats.

Critical national infrastructure is a prime target for cyber attackers. Industrial control networks employ unique, legacy devices and use proprietary ICS/SCADA protocols. Therefore, these networks require specialized security technologies. While several solutions have been developed to address these unique challenges, they all focus on the Operational Technology (OT) network and OT devices. However, OT networks and IT networks are converging. IT applications such as Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) interconnect with OT devices and networks. Attackers take advantage of this vulnerability to initiate the attack on the IT network and use it as the gateway to the sensitive OT network.

Let’s have a look at how some of Israel’s Security companies that can protect your Critical Infrastructure;

1) ReSec: Resec’s Zero Trust platform eliminates all known and unknown (“Zero Day”) file-based malware threats at the organization’s gateway.

2) CyberSixGill: Cybersixgill brings agility to threat intelligence by introducing the Continuous Investigation/Continuous Protection™ (CI/CP) approach to security. CI/CP uses automation tools that empower security teams to collect, analyze, research, and respond after each intel development as seamlessly as possible. In order to focus on maximum security readiness at any given time, Continuous Protection is coupled with Continuous Investigation.

3) Sepio Cyber: Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of visibility, policy enforcement, and Rogue Device Mitigation capabilities, which will allow them to better control the access to their hardware assets.

4) IX Den: IXDen introduces a novel hardware-free/software-based approach to industrial IoT cybersecurity. Leveraging ‘biometric’ IoT device identity allowing multifactor authentication, we achieve utmost sensor data integrity on a device and sensor level.

5) SCADA Fence: SCADAfence is the global technology leader in OT & IoT cybersecurity. SCADAfence offers a full suite of industrial cybersecurity products that provides full coverage of large-scale networks, offering best-in-class network monitoring, asset discovery, governance, remote access, and IoT device security.

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AiDock uses innovative AI technology to streamline the supply chain process in the shipping industry. AiDock uses intuitive artificial intelligence to empower teams to dramatically increase accuracy, speed and capacity of paperwork such as data entry and HS Codes classifications, by having digital assistants. By applying a big data intelligent learning algorithm, AiDock adapts highly detail-orientated information to different markets and regulatory changes with an immensely high level of precision.

For more information please contact Rochelle Ives

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iXDen | Cyber Security for IoT Devices

IXDen provides security software solutions for IoT devices, industrial control systems, and sensors. IXDen introduces patent-pending technology to protect critical infrastructure from attacks via IoT devices by implementing a biometric-like multi-factor authentication approach.

IXDen provides a solution for operational technology and enables users to manage their IoT assets safely and remotely. IXDen employs a new technology to secure IoT devices and brings the equivalent of human identity verification (something users have, something they know, something they are) into M2M communication security while establishing elaborate and strong device identity.

IXDen creates a biometric identity for any IoT device and performs multi-factor authentication driven by proprietary mathematical and behavioral models, statistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

IXDen models statistical behavior of the systems, machines, and processes, and it identifies the system’s normal behavior based on the sensor information, combining pre-knowledge of the device with behavioral analytics.

IXDen’s solution provides companies with an IXDen Grade that indicates the health status of the system and enables detection of abnormal behavior and prediction of potential misbehavior of the system.

If you manage critical infrastructure assets please email us for a proof of value.

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SAYE Holdings Ltd.

SAYE Holdings Ltd. is an Israeli company with global business interests that represents top tier Israeli B2B technology companies in select markets and develops its own in-house technology projects within specific verticals. SAYE a one-stop-shop for high-end corporate security solutions, including Eavesdropping Proof Safe Rooms (also known in the US as SCIF; Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). 

Corporate meeting rooms are where most corporate and market sensitive information is created and shared. With SAYE’s SAFE HAVEN anti-eavesdropping technology, companies can be assured their information is securely protected against hostile elements. An eavesdropping proof room is an isolated room that is built as a “bubble” within an existing conference room or office. This room is protected against external listening devices, electro-magnetic energy leaks (RF Shielding) and against direct hostile eavesdropping (acoustics shielding)

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TactiCars – Bespoke Mobile Solutions

Looking for Australian and New Zealand sales representatives and manufacturing partners for knowledge transfer

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4G Mobile Wireless Networks for Mission-critical Apps

Mobilicom designs and develops spontaneous mobile wireless communication solutions. The company’s devices and technologies enable mobile platforms and users to communicate without the need for traditional network infrastructure deployment.

Mobilicom’s solution is based on fourth-generation (4G) mobile wireless technologies and broadband ad-hoc mesh networks. The company’s patented 4G communication hardware system – the Mobile Communication Unit product family – is based on long-term evolution and modular equipment standards architecture technologies.

Mobilicom serves clients in a number of areas including public and maritime transportation, broadband smart grid, disaster relief, public safety, smart city, homeland security, and surveillance. The company also provides customized solutions for organizations.

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D-Fend Solutions

Counter-drone Security System

D-Fend Solutions provides an autonomous counter-drone perimeter security system that automatically detects, identifies, and intercepts intruding commercial drones. D-Fend provides comprehensive, safe, portable, and scalable solutions for securing a stationary perimeter.

The system is based on autonomous cyber software-defined radio technology that combines cyber and wireless signal processing techniques to take control over drones’ communication links without causing spectral interferences.

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Digital Clues

Digital Intelligence Solutions

Digital Clues, a provider of digital intelligence solutions, mines the web and open-source intelligence to provide a central investigation hub for analysts across a wide range of global industries. Digital Clues’ technology collects and connects digital clues from open sources around the web and beyond to generate insights regarding various illegal or otherwise suspicious activities.

DC is looking for Government officials and systems integrator to further their presence in Australia and New Zealand.

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Mti Wireless Edge

MTI Wireless Edge develops and produces high-quality, low-cost antenna solutions including smart antennas, MIMO antennas, and dual polarity for wireless applications such as WiMAX, Wi-Fi, broadband wireless access, and RFID.

MTI supplies antennas for military and commercial applications from 100 KHz to 90 GHz. The company offers a dynamic variety of off-the-shelf and customized antennas, including sector, directional, and omnidirectional antennas for all broad and narrow band wireless applications in licensed and unlicensed bands.

The company’s military products include a wide range of broadband, tactical, and specialized communications antennas, antenna systems, and DF arrays installed on numerous platforms worldwide, including airborne, ground, and naval.