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BIS Solutions

BIS Solutions is seeking to partner with Internet Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers and Managed Service Providers in Australia.

BIS Solutions is a leading provider of a powerful cloud file sync and share software solution for internet or cloud service providers and enterprise environments.

BIS’s CloudIUS cloud-based file sync and share solution generates improved customer stickiness and VAS revenues with a quick return on investment. The easy-to-deploy solution is highly scalable and designed to be customized according to the service provider’s brand and requirement.

CloudIUS is a quick to deploy cloud solution that provides your clients with secure access to their data anytime and anywhere via mobile, desktop or web. It also helps your customers avoid ransomware damages through automatic and scheduled backups of their content to the secure cloud. As a user-friendly VAS that requires minimal sales effort and service, it rapidly integrates into CRM and billing systems.