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Golan Plastic Products

Golan Plastic Products is seeking local distributors for the mining and chemical industries.

Golan Plastic Products (GPP) Ltd specializes in developing, manufacturing, and supplying systems for a broad range of applications, including the mining, dredging, chemical, manufacturing, and construction industries. The company also provides solutions for municipal water infrastructure systems.

GPP’s primary products include cross-linked polyethylene PEX pipe systems under the trade name PEXGOL, and multilayer (PEX/Al/PEX) pipe systems under the trade name MULTYGOL.

The company offers a number of advantages over HDPE and steel pipe alternatives, including high temperature and pressure resistance of up to 110°C; high abrasion and corrosion resistance; quick and easy transport and installation; lower ongoing maintenance costs, and an extended lifespan for all pipes and systems.