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Cognimine is seeking to partner with Australian mining companies (R&D/VC units) and investors in the mining industry. Cognimine is the developer of autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for off-road vehicles.

Technology and model

Cognimine has developed mature autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for autonomous off-road driving. Cognimine’s technologies are successfully integrated today with off-road vehicles.

Cognimine has the technological component for transforming a mine to Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) facilitating intelligent autonomous trucks that replace human drivers and improves utilization. Upgrading the mines’ trucks’ fleet with our technology can contribute dozens of millions USD to the mines’ P&L every year.

Cognimine offers services and technology for developing the next autonomous truck generation as well as retrofitting existing trucks with a full suite of mine conversion, technology assimilation, training, and post-deployment services.

Seeking partnerships with:

In the next stage, Cognimine seeks to implement the system in a truck prototype. They are looking for a first-round investment of USD 1.5 million for setting up the truck prototype or for a client order where providing the first truck prototype will be the first milestone in the deal.