Industry Digest: Why Israel Succeeds as a Cyber Security Leader

The Israeli cyber-ecosystem, which stands at the forefront of technology, offers a range of cutting-edge cyber-security solutions for countries, companies and organizations in dealing with cyber threats and cyber-crime.

By Jacob Mendel

“Cyber-attacks are making cyberspace an increasingly hostile environment for organizations. Therefore, most of the organizations today, whether they are business organizations or public institutions, seek to formulate a comprehensive strategy to combat cybercrime and strive to create a holistic approach in response to the threats they face”, said Jacob Mendel, director of Intel’s cyber and excellence center.

According to Mendel, Israel has become a powerhouse for cyber security innovation, where a rare technological ecosystem has developed, combining military, academic and industrial knowledge. This unique combination, places Israel at the forefront of cyber technology- mainly in the fields of infrastructure and finance, “while tailoring holistic solutions that deliver a high ROI”, Mendel says.

“The Israeli eco-system relies on three main components,” explains Mendel:

1. A steady flow of highly trained human capital from the military that serves as a growth engine for cyber companies – according to Mendel, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) serves as a kind of huge incubator for the growth of outstanding cyber security engineers, in quality unparalleled in the world.

2. An outstanding and pioneering academic research – In a series of academic institutions in Israel, an advanced cyber research is taking place today, made by world-renowned researchers, part of it in cooperation with academic institutions abroad.

3. Strong and vibrant industry – This industry consists of prominent technology companies that have established R & D centers in Israel, and hundreds of start-ups, both of whom are responsible for the development of innovative technologies. The influx of start-ups is also a magnet for investments by venture capital funds aimed to answer the market’s needs.

One of the most known solutions indicated by Mendel, is state-of-art intelligence-driven cyber security operations center, aimed to monitor security posture at all time and coordinate response. Such a solution requires high operating skills and the Israelis are more than capable of providing them.

Alongside that, Mendel indicates that nowadays Israelis are very much involved in developing responses to the cyber challenges of connected, semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles market.

To meet with companies at the forefront of cyber security innovation, visit the Israel National Pavilion at RSA Conference 2018.

About the author:

Mr Jacob Mendel is GM Cyber Security COE at Intel and Head of Research Cooperation with the industries at the Tel Aviv University.

Jacob has been the CEO and Co-Founder of SCsquare Ltd. He holds 16 approved patents in the area of cyber security. His career in cyber security over the past 20 years is a unique mixture of broad practical experience and research expertise.


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