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Spy Games: Ex-Mossad Chief’s Cybersecurity Startup Counters Attacks With A Hacker’s Mindset

Source: NoCamels


Tamir Pardo, an ex-Mossad chief who has since moved forward with his own startup, has outlined at a cybersecurity conference why threats in the cyber sphere are so catastrophic.

His own startup XM Cyber, developed an automated advanced system whose tagline is “defense by offense.”

“As opposed to traditional weapons, which require huge investments and heavy industrial development, cyber weapons demand only easily accessible malware do-it-yourself kits, malware development organizations and/or hackers-for-hire,” Pardo tells NoCamels in an e-mail via XM Cyber.

“Yet cyber attacks can paralyze communication networks, transportation systems, hospitals, financial systems, government organizations, smart power grids and more. Hackers leverage blind spots that are created unintentionally by humans in complex and ever-changing infrastructures and networks,”

Pardo asserted that there are effective options in the face of such attacks, stating that “the only way to prevent a cyber attack is to identify in advance the attack vectors that hackers will use to compromise an organization’s critical assets.”

Such threats cost billions of dollars every year to various entities and requires skillful cybersecurity responses. Pardo’s start up XM Cyber, which he formed with Noam Erez, focusses on preventative solutions through utilizing the knowledge of hackers to identify possible weaknesses in systems. As a result they have created HaXM, which is fully automated and maps out potential pathways to the “crown jewels” of a network.