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WIRED’s ‘Hottest’ 10 Israeli Companies of 2018

Source: NoCamels

WIRED UK have included 10 Israeli startups in the 2018 edition of their annual list of Europe’s 100 “hottest startups”. Israel is famously strong is AI, cyber security and IT, however the list illustrates that strengths in many other areas are developing. As Tel Aviv’s reputation grows as a “deep-tech powerhouse”, Israel’s reputation and strength is also shifting from startup to scale-up. So what areas are Israeli startups flourishing in? Let’s see…

Bancor – Israeli-Swiss startup in cryptocurrency with a conversion platform for virtual currency that took only 3 hours to raise $153 million.

CommonSense Robotics – A retail tech startup with AI and autonomous robots that sort and prepare products for delivery to enable retailers to offer on demand delivery. – Enabling smartphones to run sophisticated diagnostic tests to analyze urine samples.

LawGeex – SaaS platform that automates the process of reviewing and approving business contracts prior to signing them.

Lemonade – Delivering insurance policies and handling claims for renters and home owners through AI, behaviour economics and chatbot technology.

Lightricks – Professional photo editing platform for amateur photographers and videographers.

Missbeez – Bringing lifestyle services and beauty treatments to homes and workplaces by ordering through an AI app.

Otonomo – Platform that facilitates better driving experiences through enabling app developers to securely share integrate car generated data.

Vayyar Imaging – Tech that can see through liquids and human tissue and create 3D images for application in various industries.

Zeek – Allowing customers to sell unused vouchers and gift cards as well as buy them from retailers.

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