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Why Israel is a Leader in Cybersecurity?


Source: The Times of Israel

As opportunities for cyber crime grow in proportion to the development of revolutionary technology, cyber security companies are just as busy devising effective solutions to countless potential attacks. Israel’s meticulous attention to detail in all things related to security has led to a remarkable reputation, not only in physical, but cyber security as well.

Israeli cyber security companies are world renowned, leading to agreements such as the  U.S.-Israeli bilateral cyber working group, the creation of over 400 cybersecurity startups, that have exported ‘$6.5 billion in cybersecurity products and [attract] foreign investors’.

Where has this all come from?

The Israeli government is actively advising and working to drive the industry forward, by bringing together government resources, universities and businesses. This is underpinned by the continuing stream of talent produced by the Israeli military departments such as 8200 Unit.

The unit is an elite cyber security force that takes in recruits at the age of 18 and for 3 years gives them first hand experience in developing solutions to some of the most complex cyber security challenges in the world.

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