Amazon buys Israeli startup E8 storage

Source: Globes

US retail tech giant Amazon is acquiring Israeli storage technology startup E8 Storage, a source close to the deal has informed “Globes.” Sources in the market estimate that the deal is for $50-60 million although others estimate that the acquisition was for a lower price. According to Crunchbase, E8 Storage has raised $18.3 million since it was founded in 2014 by CEO Zivan Ori and VP R&D Alex Friedman. The company has 25 employees in its Tel Aviv office

Following the acquisition, all E8 Storage’s employees will join Amazon Web Services (AWS) development center in Tel Aviv.

E8 Storage develops flash storage installations based on software, which according to the company is ten times faster than existing hardware solutions on the market, while costing less.

E8 Storage’s solution is designed for enterprises interested in building a private internal organizational cloud infrastructure, or to speed up performance for cloud suppliers such as AWS. Using storage installations allows companies to locate their storage drives away from their local servers in large data centers without forefeiting capabilities with an emphasis on the speed of transmitting data. The combination of software and hardware enables the creation of flexible data centers that can adjust their speed and effectiveness to the customer’s required scale of storage.

In recent years, E8 Storage has been working in collaboration with Intel and Mellanox and has been marketing storage products to customers as part of the full suite of storage solutions that it offers. 

This is Amazon Web Services second acquisition in Israel this year, having bought cloud computing company CloudEndure in January for an estimated $250 million.    

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