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Israel’s Media and Broadcast Technologies Power Global Content Creation and Consumption

As billions of people shelter in place amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, they’re turning to digital media and streaming services for work, entertainment, socializing, and simple distraction. In short, people are increasingly navigating this moment online.

Indeed, by late March, Internet usage soared by up to 70 per cent worldwide, while streaming spiked 12 per cent. That fits with patterns observed in past crises: For instance, the World Economic Forum notes that American television viewership surged 56 per cent during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

This increased content consumption opens new revenue opportunities for publishers and producers. Indeed, the WEF cites research showing that 60 per cent of consumers in the 16-34 age bracket pay for entertainment, and younger consumers are also more likely to pay for news content.

With a robust media and broadcast sector, Israel is home to a rich variety of companies and startups focused on widening brands’ reach with target audiences and enabling the creation, distribution, and consumption of engaging content.

Here’s a look at some of the sector’s dynamic players:

  • Globally renowned distributor Keshet TV is responsible for bringing such popular programs as Dig, Homeland, and Tyrant to viewers worldwide.
  • Audioburst utilizes AI technology that recognizes patterns in podcast and radio listeners’ interests, preferences, and listening patterns to generate personalized audio feeds and searchable audio libraries. The company has secured funding from prominent backers including Hyundai, Dentsu, and Samsung Ventures.
  • Top brands including NBC, Taboola, Bloomberg, Reuters, Condé Nast, TMZ, and TripAdvisor use Wibbitz to create short-form videos utilizing its patented automated video creation technology.

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