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DSRaider develops and manufactures electric all-terrain vehicles. Based on electrical power, these vehicles can cross any path, obstacle, or rough terrain.

EZRaider, its flagship product, has an electric mobility platform that provides its users with complete control with minimum training. The vehicle is built to suit any condition and rider (including those with physical disabilities).

The EZRaider line consists of the EZRaider, EZRaider HD2, and EZRaider HD4. Each carries a progressively larger load and can tow an additional payload in a trailer. The HD4 weighs 250 pounds and can carry 462 pounds or two fully equipped soldiers. Two 1200-watt electric motors power the EZRaider to speeds of up to 43 miles an hour, and a 60-volt, 3000-watt-hour battery allows it to travel up to 24 miles on a single charge.

The raiders can be used for various applications such as military, paramilitary, homeland security, rescue, hunting, agriculture, and sports and leisure.

EZRaider has been included in Automotive Territory’s list of the top 10 best new off-road vehicles.

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