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AI Learning Buddy Helps Dyslexic Kids Read and Understand

And yes, iterations are already available for sale in AU via the following:

OrCam is already one of Israel’s startup successes, with a device that literally helps the blind to “see”.

It reads text to the user – anything from a newspaper to a cereal packet. It also recognizes people, identifies objects, and helps the user find their way around.

The Jerusalem-based company was established by Prof. Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram, founders of Mobileye, the driver assistance system that Intel bought in 2017 for $15.3 billion.

OrCam launched MyEye for blind and visually impaired people in 2015 and has now refined its technology to help children with dyslexia, ADHD and other special educational needs.

The new OrCam device offers the same “point and read” function, but it goes much further. The pupil can read to the device and it will score their performance, provide feedback, and help them with difficult words.

It will also ask them comprehension questions to see how well they’ve understood the text they’ve just read, and it will provide teachers or parents with a detailed analysis, so they can adapt their teaching methods.

All this AI technology, plus a sophisticated camera, is packed into an easy-to-use device about the size of a highlighter pen. Pupils who have used it in trials find it “fun and engaging,” according to one teacher.

“It levels the playing field for a dyslexic child,” said Michelle Catterson, executive head at Moon Hall School, in Reigate, near London.

“So in areas where they will find things difficult, the assistive technology is what helps them to access the learning.” They see it as a learning companion. One child described it as their “learning buddy”.

In the USA alone, an estimated 10 million K12 children (kindergarten to 12th grade) struggle with reading, mostly because of dyslexia.

“We want them to gain independence – and confidence – in reading ,” says Meny Gantz, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Kids who are challenged by reading can become frustrated and less communicative.

“OrCam Technologies got its start by assisting people with vision difficulties. Now we are supporting students with challenges in learning. Our mission is to help people achieve their maximum potential.”

There are other “reading pens” available, but they scan a word, or at most a sentence at a time, which is frustrating and time-consuming.

The OrCam Learn reads a whole printed page in one go, or a computer screen, or text in any font on any surface, even in low light. It can even read handwriting, if it’s neat enough.

“The device also is capable of listening to the student read to the device, and it gives feedback in real time. It might tell them, for example, that they read 80 out of 90 words correctly, well done,” says Gantz.

“It can also ask questions about what they read, so it’s actually checking their comprehension. The device’s artificial intelligence chip includes natural language processing algorithms.

“Also, while the student is reading we can get process information about their reading and actually analyze it to identify areas where the student needs improvement.”

Here’s an example of the OrCam providing feedback in a demonstration: “Great reading, you’ve read 28 out of 35 words correctly, you may want to practice reading two syllable words. Africa is one of seven tough words you’ve read correctly. Very fluent reading.

“Now it’s time for some questions. Please point at any word in the sentence that contains the answer to the following questions. Here is the first question, what is the fastest land animal on earth?”

The student can point at a difficult word and the device will read to them again, and again if necessary. The student can also connect to earbuds if they don’t want to disturb others.

The OrCam Learn uses advanced NLP (natural language processing) and NLU (natural language understanding) algorithms to process previously unseen texts and ask the student questions about them to check they’ve understood.

It immediately generates evaluation reports for every reading session, in the format already used by schools, measuring the difficulty of the text relative to the student’s grade level, fluency (words correct per minute), accuracy (number of words read correctly out of total words) and overall reading time.

The OrCam Learn has been used in pilot projects so far at a school and a college for students with dyslexia or reading and learning difficulties in the UK, and at a number of public schools in Wisconsin, USA.

The vast majority of pupils – 84 percent at one UK school – said it helped them understand the text better. The 10 to 13-year-olds also preferred reading with it to reading without it.

It can be switched to “exam mode”, disabling functions beyond point-and-read, so that students can use it during external exams. And future refinements will include a dictionary and a translation feature.

The device was launched commercially a few months ago. Parents can sign up for a two-year deal, paying a monthly subscription for the device, and OrCam also plans to provide it through schools.

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Fill It by The A Brand

A startup company involved in R&D of food supplements for the beauty world.

Aided by a team of experts, including world-leading food engineers, pharmacists and nutritionists, we develop international quality products.

Our products contain natural ingredients only and comply with strict FDA standards. Development is conducted at a GMP and ISO certified facility, ensuring the world’s highest standards of production conditions and quality assurance.

We are a company of women who understand your needs, the challenges that you cope with in the modern world, the increased exposure to pressure, unique climate, poor nutrition, pregnancy and childbirth, lack of sleep, etc.

In order to make a real change, we believe that you must begin from within and restore balance to your body with the right formula while emphasizing a pleasant experience that will enable you to turn the habit into a lifestyle.

And yes, the products are kosher!

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Aura Air

A “Smart Air” Device or Two for Every Classroom

Covid 19 is an invisible air-born battle that “Smart Air” manufacturers fight against with technology. Given the closing of schools and businesses, teleworking, and public fear of contracting infections in indoor spaces, in May 2020, Aura Air developed and tested a “smart air” device to purify indoor air of viral and other pathogenic particles. With a successful campaign, Aura Air is now targetting schools – 1 or 2 air purifiers for every classroom – depending on size – will give parents peace of mind that their child will be safe in schools.

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Heady is an ultra-compact inflatable helmet.

“In independent tests we conducted, we came up with excellent results indicating that a Heady helmet protects the head even better than a traditional helmet.”

Raising funds now – register your interest

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Magen N95 Respirator | Israeli MoH Accredited Manufacturer

Looking for a local supplier with links to healthcare/pharma/construction

All specs listed in catalogue below

מארז 30 יחידות | MAGEN SMILE | מסכה שקופה
מארז 25 יחידות | MAGEN N95 | מסכה

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Smart Air | Out of the Box Climate Solutions

SmartAir (ISO9001 certified) builds and sells cutting-edge, innovative cooling and heating solutions.

Client base ranges from private customers, to businesses, to large-scale industrial projects, all over the world.

Competes on prices and customer service

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EZPack Water – Water Storage, Distribution, and Purification Solutions

EZPack Water develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution, and purification. Its solutions include EZPuro, a compact robotic water purification and desalination system; water storage, transportation, and distribution solutions based on the company’s proprietary two-layer bladder technology; and EZCond, proprietary atmospheric water generator. The company’s products are aimed at markets such as emergency use, disaster relief, firefighting, remote water supply, military, home and outdoor, and others.

Email Jeremy if you are interested.

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Funky Fish – Tie Dye Kits | Poster Kits | Jewellery Kits | and more!

Funky Fish was founded 25 years ago in Palma de Mallorca Spain. Our company started out as a street stand and developed into a chain of fashion accessories stores that operated in 40 countries. The company Create, Design, Develop and Manufacture Life Style Trendy Products through offices in Israel and China,
Nowadays when every attraction and innovation comes to a quick end – Funky Fish is developing with enthusiasm online – Amazon, unique sites and collaborations that the digital space allows.

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Sonovia’s SonoMask | Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Listed Company

Sonovia – active protection technology company against pathogens, is looking for an import partner.

About Sonovia:

Sonovia specialises fabrics treatment through its proprietary formulations of zinc oxide nanoparticles that neutralize pathogenic nanoparticles such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The technology incorporates the desired added-value properties through Nano-particles into the DNA, making the retention of these properties by the fabric highly durable in comparison with the standard wet-processing application used in the market today.

About Sonovia’s Face Mask:

The company’s SonoMask uses an anti-pathogen fabric based on metallic nanoparticles, which are proven to be more than 90 per cent effective against coronaviruses and 99.89% effective against other viruses, even up to 100 washing rounds.

Sonovia Technology Presentation:

Sonovia in the news:

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Texel – Personalized OTT Viewing Experiences


Texel delivers highly personalized viewing experiences at scale. The company leverages its platform-as-a-service to combine multiple streams, data, and social media. Each viewer gets a unique, customized TV screen view based on personal choices such as camera angle and selection of favourite commentators. Texel enables viewers to connect households into a shared viewing experience. Texel is offered as a cloud/edge-based service to OTT providers.