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AI technology / 4IR in Israel and the Cleantech Sector

AI is at the centre of the current industrial revolution, and its relevance is likely to increase in the coming decade. The growth of AI technologies can be seen by the investments made in this field. In 2011-2019, investments in Israel high-tech AI projects increased from 305 million dollars to 4 billion dollars. In 2019, 42% of the sum invested in Israeli high-tech was directed to AI technologies.

In recent years, Israel’s high-tech has held a leading global position in the field of AI. Israel is now among the world’s top three countries operating in the field of AI after China and the US. Israel ranks second to the US, in its number of leading AI start-ups. The significant presence of roughly 90 R&D centres of multinational corporations working on AI in Israel indicates its global leadership in this field.

4% of these AI companies are directly involved in the Cleantech Sector. Solutions such as smart grids and energy-efficient building technologies will reduce and optimize demand.

  • Grid4C Ltd smart grid predictive analytics startup develops artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered technology for analyzing information generated by devices such as smart meters and other IoT-enabled appliances, enabling energy providers and consumers to maximize operation and control.
  • SmartGreen Ltd. develops a system for monitoring, managing, and reducing energy consumption. The company’s system is meant for use in factories, commercial and industrial facilities, malls, shopping centres, hospitals, and schools. 
  • BreezoMeter Ltd. develops a location-based air quality collection and analysis technology. The company utilizes proprietary algorithms to aggregate data from multiple sources, offering it to businesses to increase user engagement and sales.
  • Zugreifen Ltd. offers energy usage monitoring, management, and electricity-theft protection services designed to optimize both energy providers’ and their customer’s energy consumption.
  • Raycatch offers AI diagnostics for solar energy and was recognized by the World Economic Forum for the design and development of potentially world-changing technology as a tech pioneer.