Agriculture Business Opportunities

Adhestick Innovations – Non-pesticides pest controls

Adhestick leverages its polymer formulation knowhow to develop and market non-pesticide pest control products. These environment-friendly replacements to pesticides are taking a growing part of the pesticides market. Our products in this field are all safe for the environment, humans, animals and plants.

Flies Sticky Trap – Amarilio
A sprayable adhesive designed to attract flies and other flying insects in greenhouses, net houses and livestock sheds (cows, horses, pigs, etc.). The yellow, non-toxic water-based adhesive sticks to any type of substrate (usually nylon shrink), lasts for long periods of time and can be re-applied to the same substrate. Comparative testing demonstrates more than a 10 fold reduction in larva and flies.

Ants Barrier – Terminum
A unique patented, pesticides free, pests control formulation that blocks ants and other climbing pests reaching trees foliage and fruits. Terminum has been tested and proven effective and safe in multiple trees (including citrus, pomegranate, eucalyptus, persimmon, grapes, mangoes) as well as maintaining long term potency.

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