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Lyra Medical – Long-term Solution for Pelvic Floor Repair

  • Lyra Medical was founded in 2011 and is located in Israel. All R&D and manufacturing is made in Israel
  • Concept behind developing the SRS implant for POP procedures was that most complications from trans-vaginal mesh procedure do not come from the use of mesh but from the need to anchor it in pelvic compartment. See link attached:

Australian Study

  • Company carries CE Mark, Israeli MOH cert. and started regulatory process in Asian countries
  • SRS is marketed in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Israel and more across EU.
  • Company has published clinical data for SRS showing substantial superiority to any other solution on the market. Please see link attached:

  • Use of the SRS implant provides the following benefits:
  •  Higher short and long term safety rate than any implant of market
  • Higher long term efficacy than other implants and Native Tissue procedure
  • Reducing procedure time by about 70-80% compared to mesh procedures
  • Shorter hospitalization time (based on feedback from German surgeons- non-official)

Short testimonial from a KOL in Italy (includes audio):

For more information, you can visit or contact

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