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Davik is one of the world’s leading adhesive tape manufacturers, specializing in pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes. Established in 1982, our production includes two coating lines: hot melt/synthetic rubber adhesive & acrylic water based. In addition, we are able to slit wide range of products.

As an innovative adhesive tape manufacturer, we are placing a strong emphasis on R&D, in order to provide our customers with the best customizable and sustainable solutions.

The company continually upgrades its technology, materials, and know-how. Most of our products are based on our innovation and our ability to find the exact solution to meet our customers’ demands.  We always look for new ideas and suppliers.

Learn about their pesticide-free tapes for orchards/greenhouses/farmers:

Download their Catchy flyer:

Learn about their carry-handle tapes minimising plastic usage:

Message agrotechnology/packaging manager Jeremy to learn more.

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