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Pangea | Digital Security, Identity, and Payment Solutions

Pangea is a global supplier of digital identity, security, and ePayment solutions based on biometric identity and digital analytics technologies. The company specializes in the digital transformation of government services and enterprise business operations.

Pangea provides robust digital identity systems for governments and citizens anywhere in the world. The company also delivers digital security solutions to protect people and data against identity fraud, data theft, and other security breaches, as well as to aid law enforcement agencies in keeping communities and public spaces safe from potential threats.

In addition, Pangea’s digital services are designed to help customers deliver effective digital interactions, reduce service operation costs, and increase administrative transparency.

Pangea has developed a biometric smart card that would enable holders to be granted free access to public areas including airport terminals and planes. The solution would enable governments to verify that the holder is virus-free or has immunity.

Pangea’s Pass Card would include a photo of the holder, a digital signature, a chip, and a hologram. The card can be securely linked to the holder’s resident country’s medical database with up-to-date encrypted data on the holder’s Covid-19 profile.

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