Israeli Startup YO-Egg Creates Hyper-Realistic Product Offering Same Nutrients as Poultry Eggs

© Yo-Egg

YO-Egg, a startup from Israel, has created a unique plant-based egg using proprietary, patent-pending ingredients. The company says that after focusing on Israel for a few months, it plans to enter the UK market.

Like a conventional egg, YO-Egg’s product is made up of two parts — the “white” and the “yolk”. The white consists of several ingredients combined into a liquid mass, with all the same beneficial nutrients as chicken eggs and no cholesterol.

For the centre of the egg, a molecular process is used to shape a proprietary combination of ingredients into a “yolk”. The formulations of both the white and the yolk are patent pending.

The startup’s innovation has led one of its founders, Yosefa Ben Cohen, to be selected as a finalist in the 2021 AgriFood Women’s Entrepreneurship Competition.

© YO-Egg

Last year, vegan eggs were the fastest-growing plant-based product segment, outperforming Beyond Meat and Oatly. But while several companies have launched egg alternatives, particularly for foodservice, research last year found that there were nowhere near enough plant-based eggs on the market.

“YO-Egg seeks to provide a viable solution for consumers who wish to enjoy a sunny side up egg without harming animals or the planet, and without having to settle for less in terms of the egg’s looks, texture, nutritional values and, of course, its taste,” the startup says.

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