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Bazelet Group | Medical Cannabis Products


Bazelet Group processes the cannabis grown by four of the eight legal farms in Israel, serving 9,000 patients per month, and is constructing a GMP facility with the capacity for 100,000 patients. Its products include cannabis buds in sealed, barcoded packages; flowers ground in a proprietary method; cannabis cigarettes; cannabis extracts; vaporizer tablets; sustained-release capsules; topicals; and suppositories.

Bazelet’s operations also include providing secure delivery to homes every month, educating newly licensed users, guiding and offering strain-selection advice to thousands of clients, and operating a call center. The company develops new technologies for vaporizers, veterinary applications, and new delivery methods.

Bazelet Group operates as a subsidiary of Jordache Enterprises Inc, Canada, and consists of four cannabis pharmaceutical companies: Bazelet Pharma, Bazelet Nehushtan, Bazelet Technologies, and Bazelet Know-How.

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