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Israeli Innovations Redefining the Supply Chain and Logistics Sector

Retail e-commerce is growing at an exponential rate, clocking an estimated $4.28 trillion in sales in 2020. In 2022 it is estimated that revenue will hit $5.4 trillion according to

Fueling this e-commerce boom is the digital revolution, the COVID-19 Pandemic and the need for convenience. Lockdowns meant that e-commerce became the primary way for consumers to get their products.

The winners in this boom were the large retailers who had efficient logistics and supply chain infrastructure in place to meet the needs of consumers.  Consumers generally expect a flawless service when shopping online; fast delivery, undamaged goods at a good price.

From buying to delivery, the retail e-commerce space is underpinned by a complex logistics and supply chain industry that is improving at an impressively quick rate to meet the needs of businesses and consumers collectively. The smarter your logistics and supply chain infrastructure the higher your customer satisfaction since you are able to meet the high expectations of consumers.

The logistics and supply chain industry is expected to grow to the value of $37 billion by 2027 as consumer demands continue to grow.

For businesses looking to benefit from this e-commerce boom, retailers have to deliver goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. And one key area of investment should be in logistics and supply chain technologies.  In Africa especially where one of the main challenges in e-commerce is logistics, investing in logistics and supply chain technologies is not an option.

When thinking of investing in supply chain technologies, the Israel tech ecosystem is a good place to start from. Israel is home to over 150 companies involved in various aspects of the industry employing cutting-edge technology and innovation to ensure that goods are delivered swiftly and efficiently.

This article seeks to highlight some key Israeli companies making impact in this sector.

BRINGG: BRINGG is the #1 unified delivery & fulfillment cloud solution to rapidly improve your delivery capacity, pickup services, and customer experience at scale. The platform connects and digitizes your entire last mile ecosystem, engineering competitive fulfillment services based on your own business rapidly scaling up delivery and fulfillment operations that maximize capacity, optimize the customer experience, and grow your business.

BRINGOZ: Bringoz is a SaaS-based logistics platform, providing an end-to-end, scalable delivery infrastructure enabling them to compete in today’s demanding landscape. The Bringoz interface allows for full visibility and control over your entire delivery operation with exceptional UX. Provide your support staff with all the information they need to track, monitor and manage your fleet in real-time.

PROGRESSIVE LABS: Progressive Labs innovative approach is protecting against uncertainty with dynamic buffers according to real time demand-sensing capabilities and by bottlenecks identifications and load control. The technology allows you to reduce operation expenses, reduce inventory and exposed cash, fully synchronize between production/purchase and real demand and fully synchronize across the entire supply chain with a single priority system

HOOPO: Transform your logistics operations into a smart digital system using Hoopo’s low-power custom tracking solutions. The cost-effective, end-to-end, tracking and monitoring solutions will help you optimize your operational processes. Hoopo enables you to easily track and monitor your assets at all times, analyze assets’ behavior to gain actionable, real-time insights and incentivize smart, data-driven decisions for proactive management.

UNITY SCM: UNITY SCM – Supply Chain Data Cloud – information from your entire network easily collected, organized and consumed in one place in real-time, with high quality. Unity SCM offers: simple data collection, intuitive data modelling, and simple data integration, real time visibility of the entire supply chain and disruption detection.

LADINGO: Ladingo’s platform, you don’t need to know anything about logistics. The platform allows you to democratize oversized global shipping, easiest, most affordable and risk-free way to ship LCLs, FCLs and oversized shipments globally. Ladingo offers affordable global shipments, export/import to easily grow your global reach and a flawless shipping experience.

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