Avnon Academy | Planting Knowledge – Harvesting Futures


Avnon Academy is part of Avnon Holdings, a derivative of the Avnon HLS Group activities over the past thirty years that can be applied to other market sectors not directly related to HLS and defence. The Avnon Group – is a recognised global leader of HLS & Defence solutions working with governments and HLS organisations in over 70 countries. The foundations of the Avnon Academy Group are built upon years of accumulated knowledge, experience and uncompromising professionalism.  The Avnon Academy provides professionals with new insights and capabilities to implement and help build a safer and sustainable future. 

Our mission is to create an innovative educational platform, combining ield proven expertise with advanced teaching and research methods, creating relevant, innovative, and up to-date courses appealing to students from all over the world.

The Avnon Academy Group aspires to become a primary professional academy and research center in HLS, Cybersecurity, National Security, Fin-Tech, Sustainability, Agri-Tech, Environment & Global Warming, Leadership & Capacity Building

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