Cyberbit | Cybersecurity Training and Simulation Platform

Looking for connections to Australian potential customers (Public sector, Gov, Defence, Enterprises and MSSP) in addition to potential distributors and resellers. In Australia, TAFE QLD and Queensland University recently started using the Cyberbit range to train their students. Please feel free to review the videos below and see how Cyberbit has transformed its cyber training:Continue reading “Cyberbit | Cybersecurity Training and Simulation Platform”

Waterfall Security Solutions | Cybersecurity for Industrial Networks and Critical Infrastructure

Waterfall Security Solutions develops industrial cybersecurity solutions. Based on Waterfalls Unidirectional Security Gateway technology, the company’s products offer an alternative to firewalls. Its solutions enable safe and reliable IT/OT integration, data sharing, cloud services, and all required connectivity for industrial control systems and critical infrastructures. Waterfall Security’s products can dramatically reduce the cost and complexityContinue reading “Waterfall Security Solutions | Cybersecurity for Industrial Networks and Critical Infrastructure”

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Cyber Warfare holds a grave hazard of striking national infrastructure while circumventing traditional defense systems. Israel has developed a unique legal and regulatory model for critical national infrastructure protection and has implemented it since late 2002. The Israeli approach appears to be highly successful. The nation continues to be a world‐class ICT power and toContinue reading Critical Infrastructure Protection

Automotive Cyber Security – Innovative Solutions from Israel

Although Israel does not have car manufacturing plants or vehicle assembly lines, Israel is leading the way in mobility and intelligent transportation technologies. The global automotive industry desperately needs innovative solutions and Israeli start-ups are making their way to become the main providers of next-generation technologies in this fast-changing ecosystem.  Autonomous vehicles, electrification, connected cars,Continue reading “Automotive Cyber Security – Innovative Solutions from Israel”

Combatting Corporate Cyberattacks with the Cyber-Dome

As the corporate world transitions towards increased digitization, cyberattacks become more frequent and wide-reaching. According to Israeli-American cyber firm Check Point’s 2022 Cyber Security Report, 2021 saw a 50% increase in corporate cyberattacks from 2020. The recent high-profile hacks of SolarWinds and Colonial Pipelines, in particular, have brought renewed attention onto cybersecurity in the professionalContinue reading “Combatting Corporate Cyberattacks with the Cyber-Dome”

TripleP | Cyber Security Experts | Cyber Awareness and Information Security Training Programs

TripleP is a leading Israeli Cyber and Information Security Training and Consulting company since 2018. Training Cyber awareness and Cyber professional programs for organizations and to assist companies regarding data privacy regulations. Consulting Services and capacity Building Consultants and Trainers are former intelligence experts, such as Israeli army unit 8200, with extensive Cyber security andContinue reading “TripleP | Cyber Security Experts | Cyber Awareness and Information Security Training Programs”

Noname Security | Enterprise API Security Platform

Noname Security eliminates API security blind spots and protects enterprises from data leakage, authorization issues, abuse, misuse, and data corruption with no agents or network modifications. Fortune 500 companies trust Noname’s holistic API security platform to see and secure their APIs.

Noname Security Launches Active Testing; Empowers Organizations to Shift Left with API Security Testing

May 4, 2022 Active Testing allows businesses to prevent attacks and reduce vulnerabilities with every release San Jose, CA — May 4th, 2022 — Noname Security, the leading API security company, today announced the launch of its Active Testing solution within the Noname API Security Platform. Active Testing is purpose-built to address specific application programming interface (API) challenges andContinue reading “Noname Security Launches Active Testing; Empowers Organizations to Shift Left with API Security Testing”

Five Israeli Cyber Security Companies Every (Australian) CISO Needs to Know

Opportunity Cost (for Cyber Security). Potential benefits that an individual, investor, or business misses out on when choosing one alternative over another. The opportunity cost of a small business not employing proper cybersecurity is monetary. The opportunity cost of a large business not employing proper cybersecurity is reputation. Can a business in this century affordContinue reading “Five Israeli Cyber Security Companies Every (Australian) CISO Needs to Know”

Armis officially opens office in Australia with expanded team

First enterprise-class agentless device security platform addresses the new threat landscape of managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices, including medical devices (IoMT), operational technology (OT), and industrial control systems (ICS) Melbourne, AUS – April 7, 2022 – Armis has officially opened its office in Melbourne, with guests of honour Jeremy Ungar, Senior Trade Officer at the Israel TradeContinue reading “Armis officially opens office in Australia with expanded team”