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Gal Gadot on Australia and New Zealand + Israeli ‘Meta’ Technologies

Gal Gadot on Australia’s ‘Today Show’

Israeli ‘Meta’ Tech


Giving teams, leagues, and venues cost-effective live coverage through an award-winning end-to-end video and analytics solution.


Texel delivers highly personalized viewing experiences at scale. The company leverages its platform-as-a-service to combine multiple streams, data, and social media. Each viewer gets a unique, customized TV screen view based on personal choices such as camera angle and selection of favourite commentators. Texel enables viewers to connect households into a shared viewing experience. Texel is offered as a cloud/edge-based service to OTT providers.


Voiceable leverages big data and machine learning to provide actionable analytics designed to help businesses make better decisions about what their customers want and what to show them.


Volumetric Video Capture System TetaVi’s capture technology enables the generation of high-quality volumetric content with 4-8 depth cameras when dealing with fast motion and capturing details. TetaVi’s system uses proprietary hardware that can be deployed in any venue, delivering high-fidelity holograms. The company’s technology and volumetric capture system enable brands to generate 3D assets, scenes,

Six Degrees Space

Our core IP involves compressing two dimensional images into one dimensional representation while conserving angular entropy. As illustrated with the curved dome slit over a linear CMOS sensor below, light from any elevation angle β arriving at a given azimuth angle α will be integrated at the same pixel, while light from different azimuth angles α will be mapped to a unique pixel on the sensor.

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