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IAI Appoints Amir Peretz former Israeli Minister of Defense as Chairman

The board of directors for Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) appointed Amir Peretz, former minister of defense for the state of Israel, as chairman of the IAI board.

Following the appointment, Peretz thanked Israel’s current ministers of defense and finance for their support and encouragement.

“I would like to thank the government of Israel, along with the Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and Minister of Finance Avigdor Lieberman, for their faith in me and for entrusting me with a mission integral to Israel’s security. I assume this role with a sense of admiration, acknowledging the great responsibility I now hold in my hands, and will do everything I can to propel Israel Aerospace Industries forward,” Peretz said.

“I extend my thanks to the members of the board of directors for their vote, and look forward to collaborating with them and with members of IAI’s management. The total of our joint efforts will be put towards strengthening IAI as a leading company in the aerospace and defense sector.”

The appointment comes as IAI and UAE-based technology developer EDGE recently entered into two partnerships, signing MoUs for the development of unmanned surface vehicles an the creation of an electro-optics centre.

Under the MoU for the development of the unmanned surface vessel, the companies are expected to jointly design a first-in-class series of 17-metre vehicles for both military and commercial applications.

To achieve this, EDGE’s firm ADSB is expected to lead the company’s collaboration in IAI by using their expertise in design, build, repair and maintenance of naval and commercial vessels. 

Throughout the engagement, ADSB is expected to spearhead the platform’s design, develop the concept of operations (CONOPS) and integrate the control systems and payload.

Meanwhile, IAI is expected to develop the control system and integrate mission-payloads into the system in accordance with mission requirements.

Both companies also signed an MoU for the establishment of a maintenance and marketing centre in the United Arab Emirates for a series of IAI systems.

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