Agriculture Business Opportunities

Robotic Perception

Tractor Robots

Robotic Perception is developing autonomous vehicles for farming that provide precision spray solutions, mechanical treatment for weeds, and continuous monitoring of crops and plants using high-resolution imagery and a web-based crop management interface.

The robotic platform integrates high-resolution imagery, inertial sensors, and 3D sensors with actuators that include a spray module and mechanical treatment for weeds. Proprietary software supports accurate operation even in GPS-denied areas for extended periods of time and uses AI and deep-learning modules for crop and plant condition analysis and improved yields.

The company’s other verticals include consultancy services on navigation in GPS-denied environments for the Israeli airspace industry’s autonomous vehicles in the defence sector and the development of a navigation system for drones in GPS-denied environments using sensor fusion of image analysis and inertial sensors.

The company was awarded funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, under the project agROBOfood.

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