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Plantish Unveils Whole Cut Plant-Based Salmon Nutritionally Equivalent to Fish

Most of the plant-based seafood products currently on the market are alternatives to more processed options such as fish fingers and fishcakes. But Israeli startup Plantish has set out to change that with what it claims is the world’s first whole cut plant-based salmon.

Following a $2 million funding round last year, Plantish has completed the development of a prototype. The boneless fillet has equivalent levels of protein, B vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids to conventional salmon, while being free of toxins such as microplastics and mercury.

The fillet is made from a combination of legume proteins and algae extract. 3D printing is used to give the salmon an authentically fibrous structure.

Plantish’s plant-based salmon is expected to launch commercially in 2024, though it will also be showcased at various popup events later this year.

“We exist to save the oceans and eliminate the need to consume marine animals by providing more sustainable, more nutritious, and more delicious fish options,” said Ofek Ron, co-founder and CEO of Plantish. “Our vision is to be the world’s leading seafood brand, all without hurting a single fish.”

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