CyCognito | Attack Surface Analysis and Remediation Platform

CyCognito has developed a platform that enables clients to identify all of the attacker-exposed assets in their IT ecosystem, providing them with a complete view of the attack surface. With its comprehensive global botnet, the platform reveals unknown and unmanaged assets associated with the client’s organization (including those of partners and subsidiaries) that are critical to its cybersecurity risk management. CyCognito can help organizations identify 30% to 300% more assets than they knew existed prior to using the platform.

CyCognito was named a cool vendor in “Cool Vendors in Cyber and IT Risk Management, 2020” by the Gartner Research Group.

Company unique DNA:

Rob Gurzeev was the head of the reconnaissance unit in the 8200 (Elite Israeli Intelligence corps, he was the CTO and responsible for building reconnaissance (tools) for 8200, The Mossad and The Shabak (ISA-Israel Security Agency),  Now- the other Half of CyCognito personal served in the NSA (NSA – National Security Agency)

Short videos and high-level platform details:

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