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R&R Smith embrace TIPA’s compostable packaging for their in-demand organic apples

“We know that our customers want sustainable alternatives to single use plastic and we are extremely proud to introduce the first fully home-compostable package for our pre-packaged fruit. TIPA has provided the best solution for our produce, and we are pleased that our packaging now returns back to organic matter, making our products fully circular.”

Andrew Smith
Managing Director of R&R Smith

R&R Smith has been growing apples in Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley for four generations. They’re Australia’s first and largest suppliers of organic apples, and view the health of soil, plants and people as a holistic, continuous system. They don’t like waste, so they avoid it by turning their apples that don’t make it onto the shelves into one of Australia’s most awarded ciders: Willie Smith’s Organic Cider.

It makes perfect sense that they’ve decided to stock their PINK LADY and ROYAL GALA apples in TIPA’s compostable bags. R&R Smith chose TIPA due to its high regulatory certifications, ensuring authenticity and food safe processing from the orchard to the consumer. Their decision is also in accordance with Australia’s recent announcement to phase out all single-use plastics by the year 2025, and to reduce the amount of plastic used.

The bags R&R Smith selected are TIPA’s home compostable wicketed bags made from durable, transparent, and printable TIPA 302. Great for their apples, and for the environment.

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