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MedaSense Biometrics – Noninvasive Pain-monitoring Solutions


Medasense offers a technology that enables clinicians to optimize and personalize pain control and avoid overmedication.

Medasense’s flagship product, the PMD-200 with its NOL index, is a platform that objectively monitors and quantifies the patient’s pain response by means of artificial intelligence and a proprietary noninvasive sensor platform. The PMD-200 is used to optimize pain management in operating rooms and critical care settings, where patients are unable to communicate.

The PMD-200 is distributed in Europe exclusively by Medtronic. It is also cleared for marketing in Canada, Latin America, Israel, and Australia. It enables connectivity with Philips patient monitors. Clinical studies have demonstrated its impact on patient safety and outcomes, including opioid sparing.

Australian Registrations:

  1. ARTG measuring instrument: TGA Search
  2. ARTG physiological monitoring system: TGA Search

Founded: 2008

Business Model: B2B

Funding Stage: C+

Capital Raised: $33.5M

Please email Jeremy Ungar if you’d like an introduction.

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