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The Israeli FemTech Revolution

Back in 2016, a Danish entrepreneur, Ms. Ida Tin, Co-Founder and CEO of the female health app, Clue, coined the term “FemTech”, (Female Technology) intending to help women take control and be aware of their reproductive health. Ever since the term was coined, Fem Tech is treated as a therapeutic sector on its own and is expected to grow significantly by the year 2025.

Israel has positively been progressing in the FemTech sector, making headlines in women’s health. While the sector is still developing globally, Israel already has around 100 local companies in the FemTech sector and still counting. FemTech may be described as technologies that cater to women’s health and wellbeing while helping them be aware of various aspects and elements pertaining to pregnancy, birth-control, planned conception, mental distress, medical illnesses related to females, etc. While conventionally, female health and medical conditions have been a less discussed topic, FemTech companies and start-ups offer solutions that can educate, help monitor and track female health for better and informed decision making. Some innovative Israeli companies into FemTech have also developed medical equipment that supports during all the phases through pre and post-conception.

Below is a list of Israeli companies that are creating ripples in this developing therapeutic sector in healthcare:

  1. PulsenMore :

PulsenMore’s technology enables healthcare professionals to provide remote clinical assessment of ultrasound scans. Patients self-scan using their own smartphone with a novel ultrasound cradle.

AiVF is a medical technology company that is assisting couples to transform their fertility journey. AiVF has a software platform called EMA that uses AI in the embryo evaluation process, thus enhancing chances of conception, and predictability rates of IVF and eventually aid in the success rates of assisted reproduction. They have also received the CE mark.

Tempdrop’s wearable sensor and accompanying charting app bring the full fertility charting solution to your smartphone. Tempdrop is a fertility tracking wearable with unprecedented accuracy, which tracks your fertility signs and symptoms in its app. The sensor is a personalized, user-specific thermometer that learns how each woman’s minute, daily temperature variations correlate with her specific hormonal fluctuations throughout the ovulatory cycle, Tempdrop can identify recurring temperature patterns up to 5 days before ovulation.

OCON Healthcare innovates, develops, manufactures, and commercializes cutting-edge women’s health products based on our patented IUB™ (Intra Uterine Ball) proprietary platform. The IUB™, made from a super-elastic alloy Nitinol, is an ideal carrier for multiple drugs to the uterus to treat a variety of conditions.

Gina Life is a FemTech company developing a platform for early detection in women’s health.

With the use of a unique proprietary biomarkers panel supported by AI and data science, a personalized test will be generated for every woman, enabling early detection of women-related diseases such as ovarian and cervical cancers.

Written by Yogita Kale, email at:

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