INTSITE | Enhancing Safety and Efficiency of Heavy Machinery with AI-powered Automation

INTSITE employs artificial intelligence and deep learning to optimize and automate the machinery at the center of worksites in industries focused on heavy machinery, such as construction, mining, and container ports. Originally developed as a guidance system and smart dashboard for construction cranes, INTSITEs technology has rapidly expanded to other industries in which suboptimal heavyContinue reading “INTSITE | Enhancing Safety and Efficiency of Heavy Machinery with AI-powered Automation”

The Israeli FemTech Revolution

Back in 2016, a Danish entrepreneur, Ms. Ida Tin, Co-Founder and CEO of the female health app, Clue, coined the term “FemTech”, (Female Technology) intending to help women take control and be aware of their reproductive health. Ever since the term was coined, Fem Tech is treated as a therapeutic sector on its own andContinue reading The Israeli FemTech Revolution

Log-On Software Ltd | Leading Software Company

Log-On Software Ltd is one of the leading and established software companies in Israel. They have been operating in the local and international high-tech market since 1983. The company has more than 800 employees and specialises in technological recruitment and advanced services for high-tech companies, banks and financial institutions, government and security bodies and more.Continue reading “Log-On Software Ltd | Leading Software Company”

Avdor CIS

Avdor CIS designs, develops, markets multimedia recording, monitoring systems and agent performance optimization solutions to global communication market. Our state-of-the-art recording solution dedicated for call centers. With extensive experience in the Telecom industry, our solution is suitable for diverse telephony infrastructures, helps call centers identify service gaps and improve customer’s experience. It captures, evaluates, andContinue reading “Avdor CIS”

Kristal Boutique

Kristal Diamonds & Kristal Boutique, veteran diamond manufacturers, members of the Israel Diamond Exchange and the British Jewellers Association Since 1983. Since 1983, ‘Kristal diamonds‘ – Diamond manufacturers – are your address for the best in Diamonds. We are dedicated to service and every inquiry is being answered promptly. Whether you need a Round, Pear, Trapeze or any other shape, weContinue reading “Kristal Boutique”