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Check Point Software Technologies has announced the launch of Check Point Horizon, a prevention-focused suite of security operations solutions and services that combines proactive management solutions for managed prevention and response (MDR/MPR), extended prevention and response (XDR/XPR) and events.

The new Check Point Horizon platform for XDR, MDR and events leverages Check Point Soft prevention-first approach to improve defences across the network, cloud and endpoints, and prevent future cyber attacks.

Many of the existing MDR solutions in the market today simply deal with detection and management of cyber incidents, according to Craig Robinson, research vice president for security services at IDC, who argues that actually preventing incidents has largely been missing in the MDR arena, until now.

“Check Point Horizon’s strategy of going prevention-first is a game-changing feature addition in the crowded MDR market,” says Robinson.

Data from Check Point’s mid-year report recently revealed a 42 per cent global increase in cyber attacks and ransomware is now the number one threat to businesses.

Attacks are increasing all the time as security teams struggle to shut down breaches before damage spreads due to the distraction of endless alerts and false positives across multiple siloed tools and a narrow attack vector view that lacks context. According to Check Point researchers, the problem is made worse by a lack of cyber experience and the ongoing skills shortage.

Against this backdrop, there is now a critical need for all organisations to have a security operations centre (SOC), with 24/7 monitoring, response, and threat hunting capabilities.

Running this kind of operation is too complex and expensive for the majority. The Check Point researchers further explained that the SOC provision up to now, does not match the scale of the challenge as the industry is only focused on detecting and responding to attacks rather than preventing them.

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