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Biogal Galed Laboratories | Veterinary Diagnostic Tools



Biogal Galed Laboratories develops, manufactures, and markets diagnostic tools for companion animals, poultry, cattle, and other farm animals. The company’s VacciCheck is a point-of-care antibody titer test designated to validate vaccination success and prevent over-vaccination in cats and dogs. VacciCheck is based on the ImmunoComb ELISA technology developed and patented jointly with Orgenics (now Alere) to detect antibody levels in animal blood and serum. Biogal’s ImmunoComb kits are also used for a wide range of disease diagnostic applications in various animals. Biogal is also the developer and manufacturer of PCRun, a DNA and RNA pathogen detection test kit that makes polymerase chain reaction testing more accessible and affordable to veterinary professionals. PCRun tests can be performed either in a clinic or by a lab.

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