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Behind the Scenes in Fauda

In Fauda Season 4, Episode 2, actors refer to three Israeli companies that helped Doron and the team locate the bad guys.

They are Cellebrite, Armis, and Ermetic.

I review each one and see what they do because all three have people on the ground in Australia, working with Australian entities.

Cellebrite – Digital Intelligence Solutions. Publicly listed on NYSE since August 2021. Founded 1999, 500+ employees, US$370m funding. Cellebrite’s mission is to enable its customers to protect and save lives, accelerate justice, and preserve privacy in communities around the world. Cellebrite develops digital intelligence solutions for the public and private sectors, empowering organisations to master the complexities of legally sanctioned digital investigations by streamlining intelligence processes. Cellebrite’s digital intelligence platform and solutions transform how customers collect, review, analyse, and manage data in legally sanctioned investigations.

Armis – Asset Intelligence Platform. Acquired by Insight Partner January 2020. Founded 2015. 500+ employees, US$537m funding. Armis offers an asset intelligence platform designed to address the new threat landscape that connected devices create. The platform was built to protect the extended asset attack surface, including managed, unmanaged, IT, OT, IoMT, IoT, cloud, and connected 5G assets. Armis customers are from across all industries, verticals, and segments, including governments, state, local, and education; healthcare; critical infrastructure providers; retail; manufacturing; smart cities; transport; and energy.

Ermetic – Identity-first Cloud Infrastructure Security Platform. Founded 2019. Two hundred employees and growing, US$97.25m  Funding. Ermetic is an identity-first cloud infrastructure security platform that provides holistic, multi-cloud protection in an easy-to-deploy SaaS solution. Ermetic helps prevent breaches by continuously analysing permissions, configurations, and behaviour across the full stack of identities, network, data, and compute resources. Using advanced analytics to assess, prioritise, and automatically remediate risks, Ermetic makes it possible to reduce the attack surface and enforce least privilege at scale even in the most complex cloud environments.

Each company is well-respected in the market and has civilian applications, not just homeland security. If you’re interested in a connection with their local Australian representatives, please reach out.

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