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Australian Pan Group Invests in Israel

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The Israel Trade and Economic Commission in Australia has announced that the Melbourne PAN Group has invested in Israeli WeedOUT’s Series A Raise.

This investment is a significant step in PAN’s commitment to investing in Israeli technology companies and follows PAN’s initial investment in WeedOUT in 2019.

PAN Group stated:“We are global empowerment investors with a purpose to create the environment that empowers people to chase their dreams to change the world.”

“PAN first invested in WeedOUT in 2019 after being inspired by the way they were revolutionising the weed management industry through a biological herbicide solution. PAN believes in the passion of WeedOUT’s founders, Efrat and Orly, to unlock their purpose of exploiting sterility to win the battle against resistant weeds.

In 2023 PAN committed to a follow-on investment in WeedOUT’s Series A raise and are looking forward to continuing to empower the team on their journey to Make A Difference #MAD.”

PAN are global empowerment investors founded in Australia in 2012, to create the environment to empower people to chase their dreams to change the world. WeedOUT is an Israeli Bio-herbicide company. They are the developer of a proprietary product made with natural ingredients for the eradication of resistant weeds. The company’s goal is to reduce the need for toxic herbicides and higher herbicide doses. WeedOUT’s technology is based on the development of a special weed pollen, applied via artificial pollination, that leads to weed seed abortion, effectively blocking the next generation of viable weed seeds.

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