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Reali Technologies | Industrial IoT Remote Control Solutions

Reali Technologies’ solution – RealiteQ – is a real-time remote control and data management solution, providing support across infrastructure, to ICT and SCADA and cybersecurity and data analytics. RealiteQ was developed as an IIoT “all in one” agnostic remote control management and operational platform.

Some of RealiteQ’s key capabilities include:

  • IT/OT Convergence: Integrating IT and OT used to monitor events, processes and devices, making adjustments in network sites, machines, enterprise and industrial operations and offering significant benefits in cost, quality, speed and reliability
  • Crisis Management: Through real-time warnings for exceptional events, and the ability to remotely manage and control all sites, RealiteQ provides advanced crisis management technology
  • Data Management: More than just a remote control system, RealiteQ offers real-time end-to-end data management – providing functionality from data acquisition to big data analytics

For all enquiries, email Luke at the Israel Trade Commission.

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