Sano is looking for new distributors in Australia. We are Israel’s leading manufacturer of household cleaning products and toiletries. Can you help us find a distributor or supermarket chain to buy our products in Australia? Below is more information about us that you can share with potential customers. Also, our catalogs are attached to thisContinue reading “Sano”


Haama company is the only producer in Israel of interlining and insulations and one of the largest reputable companies in these fields. Snowhite, Haamas innovative insulation brand name, is the result of the companys exclusive development. Its user friendly and environmentally friendly character, alongside the comprehensive response it provides for the construction industry has turnedContinue reading “Haama”

CGW – Camel Grinding Wheels Ltd.

CGW specializes in abrasive products for the aerospace and land-based turbine blades industry. Thanks to its excellent engineers, technical support, short lead time, and competitive prices, CGW has become a major supplier of abrasive wheels and diamond rolls to this industry, serving the world’s leading manufacturers. CGW vitrified bonded wheels, resin bonded discs, and coatedContinue reading “CGW – Camel Grinding Wheels Ltd.”