Bioterm Pharmaceuticals LTD

Bioterm (BT) Ltd. is the developer of novel therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of pre-term labor and for the induction of labor that cause severe morbidity of millions of newborn babies worldwide. The Company has patented the use of two molecules, its Preventerm molecule for the prevention of pre-term labor (PCT, pending) and itsContinue reading “Bioterm Pharmaceuticals LTD”


COOLSENSE LTD. is subsidiary of M.D CLINICS LTD. – one of the most known and veteran medicine clinics in Israel for aesthetic care. CoolSense Ltd. is R&D and manufacturer of revolutionary and smart hand-held pain numbing applicator. The company established by the inventor, Dr. Shapiro – medical aesthetic expert doctor, as a target of developingContinue reading “Coolsense”

Medidactic Ltd.

For the past 3 years, Medidactic has been developing e learning modules for the leading  government, medical institutions and nursing schools in Israel. Our modules deal with core medical and nursing topics such as life support  basic, advanced, pediatric and neonatal), pharmaceutical calculations, acid base metabolism, infection prevention, wound care, breast feeding guidance, risk management,Continue reading “Medidactic Ltd.”


ShenPaz designs, develops, manufactures and markets dental laboratory ceramic firing and Zirconium oxide sintering furnaces including complimentary products. The Galaxy ATC Press not only fires all low fusing and normal ceramics, but also presses ceramics with constant temperature and press control. ShenPaz non aggressive “pressing steps” technology implements a special sensor to soften the “oneContinue reading “ShenPaz”


CMRLinx is medical Software Company that develops, implements and support clinical information systems for Ophthalmology. Our flagship product AllVisionEMR is a comprehensive protocol driven Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solution for eye care environment – ophthalmic practices and surgery centers. With AllVisionEMR we facilitate patient care by simplifying the capture, aggregation, transmittal, processing and view ofContinue reading “CMRLinx”

LaserOp Ltd

LaserOp’s charter is to develop, manufacture and market industrial laser systems and related auxiliary devices. The company is involved in several fields. Two primary areas are laser processing of materials and laser marking (static and on-the-fly). The technical disciplines, which are the company’s core competency, are Physics, Electro-optics, Software (real time), Control, Hardware, Electronics andContinue reading “LaserOp Ltd”