Saliwell Ltd. has developed a unique device to treat dry mouth. The advantages of the device include: Non-chemical solution, non invasive, no known side effects, suitable for all dry mouth sufferers, long-lasting effect, significantly lower costs. Saliwell offers two basic options: a removable device named Saliwell GenNarino, and a fixed device Saliwell Crown. Saliwell GenNarinoContinue reading “Saliwell”

Easy Labor

EasyLabour® conveniently and comfortably applies acupressure to specific acupressure points in the lower back area of a woman during birth giving. The method is similar to acupressure as applied by well-trained acupressure practitioners. The comfortable device is attached after labour has begun, when you feel you need pain relief. The intensity and duration is upContinue reading “Easy Labor”

ITGI Medical Ltd

ITGI Medical is an Israeli bio-medical engineering company specializing in research and development, design, manufacture and distribution of high quality heterologous tissue covered stents for Cardiovascular and Neurovascular interventions. ITGI has proprietary patents, techniques and devices to cover stents with heterologous tissue. Our goal is to provide the medical community with “the best service forContinue reading “ITGI Medical Ltd”