ITGI Medical Ltd

ITGI Medical is an Israeli bio-medical engineering company specializing in research and development, design, manufacture and distribution of high quality heterologous tissue covered stents for Cardiovascular and Neurovascular interventions. ITGI has proprietary patents, techniques and devices to cover stents with heterologous tissue. Our goal is to provide the medical community with “the best service forContinue reading “ITGI Medical Ltd”


Miniplast Ein-Shemer is the main producer of disposable plastic medical equipment for laboratory use in Israel. The plant is owned by a very well established kibbutz, conveniently located in the center of Israel, and is highly regarded by its customers as a reliable supplier. Production Aiming at the medical market, Miniplast has furnished its productionContinue reading “Miniplast”

Shina Systems Ltd.

Shina Systems is a clinical image analysis and visualization software company. The company has gained market leadership through its proprietary, automated segmentation tools and intuitive, clinician-friendly application workflow.  Clinically effective and technologically distinguished, Shina Systems’ software – installed in over 3,000 sites worldwide – won numerous performance and usability awards. Shina Systems’ vision is toContinue reading “Shina Systems Ltd.”

Stride Orthopedics Ltd.

Practical and Educational courses in the making of orthopedic aides (orthotics) for adult and pediatric rehabilitation. Stride Orthopedics Ltd. offer a wide range of short courses in the training of orthopedic technicians and physical therapists. The aim is to teach or to widen knowledge in the neurological rehabilitation of adult patients after CVA, head injury,Continue reading “Stride Orthopedics Ltd.”