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Cybertech 2017


Cybertech is the most important conference and exhibition for cyber technologies outside of the United States.

Cybertech 2017 will bring together leading multi-national corporates, SMB’s, start-ups, private and corporate investors, venture capital firms, experts, and clients.

Cybertech Conference & Exhibition will present commercial problem solving strategies and solutions for the global cyber threat that meet the diverse challenges for a wide range of sectors: finance transportation, utilities, defense, R&D, manufacturing, telecommunication, health and government. The conference will also provide the exhibition of different innovative technologies, which are key to fighting these threats.

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If you are interested in attending, please contact Richard (02) 9388 0382 or

Main Sessions:
  • FINSEC: Cyber Security for the Fintech Industry
  • CONNECTED WORLD: Advanced Solutions for the IOT era
    **  Critical Infrastructure
    **  Heavy Industry

 More Cybertech Sessions:

  • Communication
  • Sky Rocketing IOT
  • Aviation
  • Insurance
  • Cloud
  • Connected vehicles
  • Banking and finance
  • Gaming
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Privacy
  • A White Hat Hackers perspective
  • Intelligence and big data
  • Human Factor
  • Cyber Crime: International Collaboration for Investigations
  • Human Resources
  • Investments in Cyber: An investor’s Perspective
  • How to Create a Successful Start-Up
  • European – International Dialogue & Cooperation Panel: The Future of the Multi-Stakeholder Model
  • BlockChain

 Quick Sessions:

  • Production lines
  • Virtual safe
  • Deceptive solutions
  • Proactive technologies
  • International collaboration facing global threats
  • CISOs
Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel

TLV Formats Conference, September 19 – 20, 2016

The TLV Formats Conference is held by the Israel Export Institute and Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry on September 19 – 20, 2016. The aim of this conference is to empower creatives rather than delivering content to offer a comprehensive introduction to the different media entities in Israel.



Why Attend?

The conference incorporates a first look at the upcoming hits of proven record companies, stand up presentations of the different Israeli platforms showcasing their content agenda and their specific strategies in supporting original content and an independent creators pitching competition.

  • Timing – first look opportunity to Israel’s creative harvest
  • Full House Attendance – the first of its kind event that brings together independent creators with major players under one roof.
  • B2B opportunities – with the every too busy schedule other market create this is an opportunity to focus on one territory solely.
  • Tel Aviv – everyone in this business keeps saying they want to come over. This is the time to do it.


For more information, see and the event brochure.



Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, September 24th -29th 2016

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival will be held September 25th -29th, incorporating DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference on the 27th and 28th.

DLD is a leading conference, created by Burda Media, which brings together the best thinkers on issues of innovation, media, digital , entertainment, art and science . It was originated in Munich, where it takes place every year at the third week of January.

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival will take place this September for the sixth time. The core event of the Festival is DLD Tel Aviv Digital conference. In addition the festival will host tens of co-events and conferences held by multinational companies, as well as Israeli companies and organizations. Among the companies which have beem part of the Festival in previous years are: Municipality of Tel Aviv Intel, IBM, Google, Microsoft, PWC, Facebook, Yahoo, Bank Leumi, The Israeli Game Developers Association -GameIS and a GarageGeeks meeting.

You will be a part of the coolest and smartest companies, techies, startups, designers, artists, scientists, investors, cultural drivers, geeks, makers and social entrepreneurs from Israel and of course members of the international DLD community.

The festival features various events by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, PWC, Intel , The Game Developers Association, Facebook , Bank Leumi, GarageGeeks, Infinity, startups and accelerators shows and others.

Check website for details  and more information.




Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel

EdTech Summit, Tel Aviv, June 8 & 9, 2016

The first annual EdTech Summit is taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 8 and 9, 2016 .

This exclusive 2-day event is focused on 100+ Israeli startups and companies that develop educational technologies giving speakers, sponsors, and international delegates the opportunity to make lasting connections and meet prospective clients.

You have the chance to meet leading Israeli companies as they demonstrate their products and technology, including Time to Know integrative platform, CodeMonkey coding game, Einstein STEM hardware and Software and Matific mathematics games. For more on presenting companies, click here.

EdTech business delegations from China, Brazil, and the USA are expected to attend the summit for networking and learning about complementary solutions.

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To express your interest in attending, please contact us.



Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel

AgriVest Israel, September 27, 2016

AgriVest Israel is an exciting industry event hosted by Trendlines Agtech and Greensoil Investment.

The one day event includes:

  • Discovery of Israel’s most innovative agritech companies and discuss ways to leverage the global growth opportunity in agritech business and investments.
  • Showcase & Competition of most exciting early-stage Israeli agritech companies.
  • Discussions with agritech leaders and investors in Israel and around the world.
  • Networking with industry experts, investors, and players.

See here for more details and to register.

Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel

Israel EdTech Summit, 8 – 9 June 2016

IES2016 is Israel’s premier annual business event where the startup-nation showcases and highlights EdTech innovations , and discusses market trends of the future.

IES2016 is the only Israeli education industry event of its kind bringing the entire EdTech ecosystem from around the world together including leading entrepreneurs, innovative education professionals, cutting-edge tech companies, expert technologists, savvy investors, top industry thought leaders, and key government officials.

Don’t miss our premier event…IES2016 will offer the BEST in educational technology today from around the globe. Innovative sessions and presentations will take place each day to address the
topics that matter most to the education community and to facilitate deeper communication and dialogue among all attendees.

Register today to take advantage of our influential keynotes, panels and interactive sessions with Israel’s most innovative EdTech companies, international EdTech delegations, EdTech unplugged
pitches, demos, and much more during our exclusive 2-day event.

Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel

Israel HLS & Cyber 2016

HLS 2016 pic for Website

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 4TH International Conference on Homeland Security & Cyber, to be held on November 14-17, 2016, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Israel HLS&Cyber 2016 will include lectures, seminars and panel discussions, an exhibition showcasing some of the finest field-proven and next-generation technologies and systems in the industry, including a start-up area and an Innovation Award competition.

This year’s conference will focus on HLS, Cyber and the increasing correlation between both of these worlds.

Attendees will be able to network with Israel’s finest security experts and industry leaders, discuss various topics, such as Cyber Security, Intelligence, Critical Infrastructure Protection, the Challenges of a Globally Growing Terror Threat, Crime Containment and Preemption, Public Order and Emergency Preparedness.

In 2014, this biennial conference welcomed thousands of attendants, comprised of country officials and government agencies from around the world, as well as decision makers from multinational companies and conglomerates.

For more information on this event, please contact Richard (02) 9388 0382 or


Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel

EcoMotion SmartTransportation Conference Israel, May 19, 2016

Drawing on the success of the 2015 event which hosted over 700 participates from 15 countries and over 150 Israeli startups, the 4th annual EcoMotion Conference will provide a spectacular showcase of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of Smart Transportation. Featuring presentations, workshops and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, industry leaders and researchers alike, the conference is a flagship industry event.

Click here for more details and registration.

Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel

Recommended exhibitions and conferences in Israel 2016

The Israel Trade Commission is pleased to present a list of recommended exhibitions and conferences occurring across Israel in 2016.

Click here to view the list.

Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel

Fuel Choices Summit Israel

An exploration and exhibition of innovation in alternative fuels and smart mobility.

Hosted by Israel’s Prime Minister, we will meet on 2-3 November in ‘Habima’ National Theater in Tel Aviv, Israel, for a dialogue about the world’s most forward-thinking approaches to transportation, cutting edge technologies and future business models, and to promote Israel’s ambitious goal of reducing 60% of the country’s oil consumption by 2025.

The Summit: A two day conference featuring policy-makers, business leaders and researchers from the energy, automotive and tech industries to discuss the future of transportation.

Innovation Exhibition: Smart, green, alternative and innovative solutions for the new age of mobility in a unique exhibition.

Gala Event: The 2016 $1 million Samson Prime Minister’s Prize Award ceremony for global innovation in alternative fuels (*by invitation).

For more information and to register, click here.