Emerging Israeli Startups that are Redefining the Global Food-Tech Industry

When we talk about food, technology isn’t the first thing that always comes to our mind. However, over the years, the food industry worldwide has undergone a significant transformation in terms of processing, production, and preservation techniques of various food products. Now, food-tech is all about filling your plate with cheaper, safer, and fresher alternativesContinue reading “Emerging Israeli Startups that are Redefining the Global Food-Tech Industry”

The Israeli Dairy Model | Leading the Way with Innovation

Given the unprecedented times, with the COVID-19  pandemic having a staggering impact on most industries, the dairy sector has emerged resilient. Israel’s dairy industry is believed to be one of the most advanced in the world. With its effective breeding policies and technology, Israel has climbed the ranks to become a global leader in milkContinue reading “The Israeli Dairy Model | Leading the Way with Innovation”

Innovative Sustainable Cooling Technologies from Israel

As the Earth’s temperatures keep soaring upwards, cooling technologies are fast becoming one of the most sought-after solutions. But the high energy consumption required for cooling in turn adds on to pollution and overall heating of the planet. To escape this vicious cycle, the need of the hour is sustainable, energy efficient cooling technologies andContinue reading “Innovative Sustainable Cooling Technologies from Israel”

Amcor Strikes Compostable Packaging Deal with Israel’s TIPA

Amcor has struck a deal with Israeli tech company Tipa to manufacture compostable packaging in Australia and New Zealand as it looks for plastic alternatives to reduce waste. The packaging can be used like conventional plastic, but the films and laminates can decompose back into the soil after 180 days, compared with up to 1000Continue reading “Amcor Strikes Compostable Packaging Deal with Israel’s TIPA”

Israeli Technology will be Used for 3D Mapping of Australian Buildings

The data from the mapping will benefit insurance companies among others. The Israeli start-up company GEOX signed a deal with the Australian government company Geoscape that will lead to the full aerial footage-based 3D mapping of 18 million buildings around the Australian continent. GEOX’s mapping uses artificial intelligence and patent-protected algorithms and can provide information on moreContinue reading “Israeli Technology will be Used for 3D Mapping of Australian Buildings”

ALD announces $50M funding following HUB Security merger

If your Australasian critical infrastructure needs securing, get in touch. Recently merged ALD announced a 50 million USD investment round, based on a 146 million USD valuation from leading institutional investors following its merger announcement with Hub Security, LTD.(”HUB”) Upon completion of the merger, HUB shareholders will hold 51%  of the new company (NewCo). TheContinue reading “ALD announces $50M funding following HUB Security merger”

Israeli Technology Advancements To Combat Global Climate Change

2020’s record heatwaves and storms confirm what scientists have long predicted: climate change is well underway and threatens unparalleled destruction. The scarcity of water being a foremost concern for the future, it is vital we have affordable technology solutions for clean drinking water as well as means of removing pollutants from existing water sources. TheContinue reading “Israeli Technology Advancements To Combat Global Climate Change”

Five Israeli Startups make it to the World Economic Forum Tech Pioneers List

The World Economic Forum have selected five Israeli companies for its 2021 list of 100 Technology Pioneers  from six continents that are “poised to have a significant impact on business and society.”[1] The Israeli early growth stage companies represented are involved in diverse fields including AI, cleantech, cyber security, digital health and agriculture. CropX, MDClone,Continue reading “Five Israeli Startups make it to the World Economic Forum Tech Pioneers List”

Israeli Company Telling Porkies – Is It Kosher?

Cell-Cultured Pork Next on the Menu for Israel’s MeaTech 3D Israeli cell-cultured startup MeaTech 3D Ltd. has revealed plans to develop cultivated pork. The first cell-cultured meat company to be publicly listed has expanded R&D activities to focus on cell lines and technologies for future mass production of slaughter-free pork, alongside its current lines of beef and chicken. Continue reading “Israeli Company Telling Porkies – Is It Kosher?”