NASA Harvest and CropX Partner to Support Sustainable Agriculture

Combining Critical In-Soil Insights and Satellite Observations to Improve Global Agricultural Monitoring NASA Harvest (NASA’s Food Security and Agriculture program area) and CropX, a global leader in soil analytics for agriculture, today announced a strategic partnership that will give NASA Harvest unprecedented soil insights for its global agricultural monitoring efforts. Supporting a more sustainable food ecosystem, together NASA HarvestContinue reading “NASA Harvest and CropX Partner to Support Sustainable Agriculture”

Rise of Travel-Tech post Covid-19

As the world begins to open its borders to eager travellers many of the globe’s biggest travel companies have seen their share prices rocket. IAGs value rose by 3% and TUI’s shares also increased by 4% as a result of the news that travel restrictions in places in the world were to be lifted. SoContinue reading “Rise of Travel-Tech post Covid-19”

Stretching Communication: How Israeli Solutions are Addressing Last-Mile Connectivity

With the rapid infrastructural expansions that we are accustomed to in the global telecoms industry, it is impossible to believe there are often a minority of consumers of telephony services who are consistently under-served. Despite the meteoric growth of the Internet and broadband connectivity in the past two decades, about 49 per cent of theContinue reading “Stretching Communication: How Israeli Solutions are Addressing Last-Mile Connectivity”

Israel’s Drones set to Improve Civilian Life

The global interest in drones is growing in exponential pace. Advancements in technology and reduced costs are some of the reasons fueling the rapid growth. Kenya is not an exception, and recently the use of drones in Kenya was allowed by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). Israel is one of the world’s largest exporterContinue reading “Israel’s Drones set to Improve Civilian Life”

Look into the Telecommunication Industry

The global Telecommunication industry is transforming large communication and Technology companies with the maturity of intelligent edge. The intelligent edge is the combination of advanced connectivity, compact processing power, and Al located near devices that use and generate data. Predictions are that in 2021, there will be an expansion by Telecoms deploying the intelligent edgeContinue reading “Look into the Telecommunication Industry”

“Massive Growth” of Alt Protein Field in Israel as Total Investment Increases 8X Since 2018

From: Vegeconomist – May 3 According to a new GFI Israel study, the total investment in companies developing alt proteins in Israel has increased eightfold across the plant-based, cell-cultured and fermentation fields. The total of all investments in 2020 was almost three times higher than the previous year, with 154% annual growth (YOY). As global investments inContinue reading ““Massive Growth” of Alt Protein Field in Israel as Total Investment Increases 8X Since 2018”

Israeli Company Chunk Foods Raises $2M to Develop Whole Cut Alt-Meat Products

Israeli startup Chunk Foods has raised $2M in a pre-seed funding round led by venture fund Stray Dog Capital. The startup uses fermentation technology to produce whole-muscle meat alternatives. While there now exists a large number of alt-meat producers, the focus tends to be on alternatives to processed meat, such as burgers, meatballs, and nuggets. Making whole cutsContinue reading “Israeli Company Chunk Foods Raises $2M to Develop Whole Cut Alt-Meat Products”

Israel Rolls Out Covid-19 Passport Program to Children, Who Can’t Yet Be Vaccinated

Move comes as U.S. and other countries turn their attention to reopening child-centric businesses TEL AVIV—Israel has extended its Covid-19 vaccine passport system to children who aren’t yet eligible to be inoculated, allowing them to visit cinemas, restaurants and other entertainment businesses as it continues to reopen its economy. Under the program, children with negativeContinue reading “Israel Rolls Out Covid-19 Passport Program to Children, Who Can’t Yet Be Vaccinated”

E-commerce Fraud Detection & Prevention

The increased digitization of global commerce and banking globally — with the expansion of cross-border ecommerce and the adoption mobile banking in the past decade — presents a juicy target for organized criminal groups who only need an Internet connection to make easy money. Financial fraud prevention is a big business, with the market expectedContinue reading “E-commerce Fraud Detection & Prevention”