Cybint, Academy IT Announce Partnership to Offer Cybersecurity Bootcamp Options in Australia

Through this partnership, Cybint and Academy IT will provide in-person and online cybersecurity training for workforce development to students through Australia. ADELAIDE SA, Australia, June 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cybint, a global cyber education training company, partners with Academy IT, a technical training provider in South Australia, to offer the Cybint Cybersecurity Bootcamp online and in-person beginning September 2021, to usher inContinue reading “Cybint, Academy IT Announce Partnership to Offer Cybersecurity Bootcamp Options in Australia”

Cyber Reinsurance Rates Rocket at July Renewals

Ransom laws are murky from country to country. Before considering if you would pay, or not, sign up to Cyber Week 2021 and see the best-of-the-best Israeli cyber tech that could work for your business. Cyber Week 2021 ( LONDON, July 1 (Reuters) – Global cyber reinsurance rates have soared by up to 40% inContinue reading “Cyber Reinsurance Rates Rocket at July Renewals”

World’s first lab-grown meat factory opens in Israel

A revolutionary “lab grown” meat factory has opened in Israel, and will use animal cells to produce chicken, beef, lamb and pork products. The world’s first “slaughter-free” meat factory has opened in Israel as part of a food revolution aimed at finding more environmentally friendly ways of feeding the global population. The revolutionary factory hasContinue reading “World’s first lab-grown meat factory opens in Israel”

Israel is Helping to Drive the Evolution of Urban Mobility

In writing about almost any topic over the last sixteen months or so, it has been nearly unavoidable not to relate to the global Covid pandemic and this includes the subject of urban mobility. As the impact of various lockdowns around the world took effect and human activity was curtailed, various data showed massive decreasesContinue reading “Israel is Helping to Drive the Evolution of Urban Mobility”

The Future of Healthcare – Where Do We Go From Here?

As we watch the ‘era of the mask’ come to an end, we stand poised, eagerly awaiting and welcoming the turning of a new page. This next chapter, one whose approach crests the horizon and comes ever so quickly, ushers us forward with its siren-like song, relinquishing our yearning for intimate contact only recalled byContinue reading “The Future of Healthcare – Where Do We Go From Here?”

The “SporTech” Nation

The sports industry continues to grow at a remarkable pace. Professional sports are extending their global reach and engaging with fans in every part of the world, and more and more people participate in a variety of amateur sports activities. more than ever, sports are connecting different people from around the world in a wayContinue reading “The “SporTech” Nation”

Israel MoD Completes First HPL-WS Interception Tests

The Directorate of Defense R&D in the Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD), Elbit Systems and the IAF, have effectively intercepted several UAVs using an airborne High-Power Laser Weapon System (HPL-WS). A high-power laser system was installed on an aircraft and was tested in a number of scenarios. It effectively intercepted and destroyed all of the UAVs thatContinue reading “Israel MoD Completes First HPL-WS Interception Tests”

Israeli shares traded on Wall Street reach massive $300 billion valuation

Calcalist: The aggregated value of the shares of the 85 Israeli companies traded in the US accounts for 75% of Israeli GDP, and is more than market cap of shares on the TASE Tech firm WalkMe’s initial public offering of shares has brought the total valuation of the shares of the 85 Israeli companies traded on WallContinue reading “Israeli shares traded on Wall Street reach massive $300 billion valuation”

2021 Israel Innovation Authority – Innovation Report

The Israeli High-Tech Sector Is Maturing – Changing the Character of Israel’s Entire Economy. If the Government does not Reassess its Policies toward the Sector, High-Tech Growth will Benefit the High-Tech Sector Alone. About 10% of Israeli Employees Work in the High-Tech Sector, and they are Responsible for: 15% of Israel’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP),Continue reading “2021 Israel Innovation Authority – Innovation Report”

Beyond the Headlines: Israel’s Credit Ratings Remain Strong

With geopolitics taking center stage in the media, you might have missed some of the exciting economic developments out of Israel. For instance, there are now more than 20 Israeli-founded unicorns (private companies valued over $1 billion) in both New York[1] and California[2]; as well as over 60 unicorns in Israel itself[3] – more thanContinue reading “Beyond the Headlines: Israel’s Credit Ratings Remain Strong”