Israel’s south could be global clean tech’s beta site

While Israel still has work ahead to develop its own clean tech, organizers of the Renewable Energy Conference in Eilat tout the country as a global beta site.

With its year-round sunshine and high temperatures, Eilat and the region are a perfect location for the deployment of alternative energy projects.
While Israel generates numerous headlines as a solar energy innovator, the country still has plans to build additional coal plants, and there’s relatively little production of renewable and alternative energy on its turf. International media, investors and policy makers have been asking why this is so and hopefully some answers will emerge from an annual coming together of minds in Eilat from February 16 to 18.

Dorit Banet, a co-chair of the upcoming Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference, tells ISRAEL21c that she hopes the conference will help Israel to color itself greener at home, through education, relationship building and business networking. For three days in February, expect to meet international powerhouses and renewable energy innovators as they converge on Israel’s sunny southern city of Eilat.

Banet was head of the environmental unit in the sunny Eilat-Eilot region located in the southernmost tip of Israel. As she contemplated the region’s business and energy potential, she realized that much more could be done with respect to renewable energy.

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