Drinking water for China, Israeli style

As reported in Israel 21c Normally, “green” and “desalination” are two words that don’t go together. Desalination is a process that takes brackish inland or sea water and makes it drinkable. This can be a lifesaver in countries with limited or no access to fresh water, such as Saudi Arabia or Jordan, but the processesContinue reading “Drinking water for China, Israeli style”

Israel Water Technology Delegation to Brisbane

Australian natural resources boom attracts foreign investment from Israel, and leads to a trade delegation visiting Brisbane to explore opportunities for Israeli Water Technology in the mining and coal seam gas industries. Since its founding, Israel has been coping with water scarcity and has been treating the subject as a national priority. The country hasContinue reading “Israel Water Technology Delegation to Brisbane”

בניה ירוקה באוסטרליה- דוגמאות

תחום הבניה הירוקה באוסטרליה הינו בעל פוטנציאל רב עבור חברות ישראליות המציעות טכנולוגיות ופתרונות ירוקים. בעקבות ארוע שקיימה הנספחות המסחרית בסידני בשיתוף עם ארגון גרין בילידינג האוסטרלי  Green Building Council of Australia נחשפו טכנולוגיות ירוקות ישראליות לצד ההזדמנויות בתחום הבניה הירוקה באוסטרליה ושיתופי הפעולה האפשריים. כחלק מפעילות זו אנו מביאים בפניכם סקירה של דוגמאות Case StudyContinue reading “בניה ירוקה באוסטרליה- דוגמאות”

Green Buildings Breakfast – Presentations

Many efficiency related technologies evolved from pioneering research and development efforts of Israel’s high-tech and military sectors. As cleantech grows to become a more prominent sector locally and globally, Israel’s entrepreneurs will increasingly harness agriculture, high-tech and other cross-over technology to increase efficiency across a wide spectrum of industries, and continue to place Israel asContinue reading “Green Buildings Breakfast – Presentations”

BGU among world’s top green universities

As reported in Israel 21C: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) has been ranked 46th greenest campus in the world, according to a study conducted by the Green Metric organization that compares universities on their degree of commitment to environmental education and implementation of sustainable policies. Thousands of institutions and associations across the globe appliedContinue reading “BGU among world’s top green universities”

A lesson on employment courtesy of Israeli army

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald: A banking executive lamented to me the challenges of retaining Gen Y employees. A graduate had resigned after a mere three months with the company and explained his departure in terms of not having received the one-on-one training he had expected from the CEO. This executive is notContinue reading “A lesson on employment courtesy of Israeli army”


Makhteshim Agan, the world’s seventh largest agrochemicals maker, recently bought a 51% stake in South Korea’s JK Inc., and is also buying 100% of Mexico’s Ingeniera Industrial S.A. de C.V. (Bravo AG). Bravo AG, established in 1951, is a manufacturer and distributor of copper-based pesticides, a green crop protection method used in organic agriculture. JKContinue reading “ISRAELI CROP PROTECTION GIANT MAKHTESHIM AGAN EXPANDS TO MEXICO AND KOREA”

Israel Looks to Export Water Tech to World’s Mines

As reported in Globes.co.il: The Foreign Trade Administration has a new plan to double Israel’s water technology exports, by 2012. The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor’s Foreign Trade Administration has a new plan to double Israel’s water technologies exports, by 2012, from the $1.5 billion in exports in 2010. The new plan targets coal, copperContinue reading “Israel Looks to Export Water Tech to World’s Mines”

Eco-tourism in the Galilee

Tourists from both Israel and abroad can travel the country and enjoy activities that have minimal impact on the environment and build environmental awareness. Environmental tourism options in Israel are growing apace, especially in the verdant Galilee region. If you want a healthy holiday, check in to the Mizpe-Hayamim Hotel, Spa and Organic Farm. DatingContinue reading “Eco-tourism in the Galilee”