The 2009 Atir Awards – Israeli Industrial Design Awards

The 2009 Atir Awards – Israeli industrial design commissioned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor in Israel has presented industrial design awards for designers and industrialists during the annual Industrial Association assembly.

The awards are granted per the following categories:
Consumer Goods; Tools and Equipment; Furniture and Lighting; Green/Sustainable Products; and Concept Design.

“The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor is in these days undergoing a revolution in many aspects, the major objective being the enhancement of employment rates and industrial growth, and promoting innovations and industrial designs in the Israeli industry is part of this revolution” – Such were the words addressed by Minister of Trade, Industry and Labor, Benjamin (Fuad) Ben Eliezer, in the award ceremony for outstanding designs, which took place during the annual Industrialists Association assembly.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Labor, Ben Eliezer, notes that industrial design comprises a key instrument for indsturial innovation, for increasing our competitive capacity, and for increasing our sales and exports. The awards are destined to promote outstanding achievements, create awareness within the Israeli industry and to encourage the development of innovative and high quality products.

Rina Rothbart, Director of Design, notes that as of this year, the Ministry has branded the awards and this year they will bear their new title: The Atir Awards for Israeli Industrial Design.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor conducts additional programs for promoting and assimilating these designs:

Industrial design counselling – encouraging factories to use specialist industrial design services for the development of a product or a line of products, strategical management for innovative designs and innovative packaging designs… In 2009 the program was implemented in approximately 35 companies.

The variety of programs and activities is designated mainly for industrial designers and design-supporting organizations. The activities include financing involvement in design exhibitions in Israel, marketing productions, supporting conventions, assisting in the construction of information databases, research, exposing Israeli designs to the global market by financially backing designers participating in international exhibitions, and more.

Below is a list of Award Winners in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor Industrial Design Competition.

A. Consumer Goods Category;

First Place:

Taga – urban motorized vehicle for parents and children combining bicycles and strollers.
Manufacturer: Taga Design and Development Ltd.
Design: Taga Innovations Design Team


 Second Place:

Product: Zoybar kits for assembling electric stringed instruments which allow the composition and development of a variety of electric musical instruments.
Manufacture and design: Ziv Bar Ilan, Zoybar Ltd.


B. Tools and equipment

First Place – divided between two winners:

Mixlent – agricultural system for fodder distribution in cowsheds
Manufacturer: Lachish Industries Ltd.
Design: Amos Boaz, Jonathan Sadovski – Amos Boaz Industrial Design Studio


Gardium – Autonomic vehicle for conducting security missions and border defense
Manufacturer: G-nius Unmanned Ground Systems Ltd.
Design: Yaron Loubaton

army vehicle

Second Place:

Product: ForeSeeHome – domestic eye examination device (AMD monitor)
Manufacturer: Notal Vision Ltd.
Design: Eitan Shariff, Elisha Tal – I2D.


C. Furniture and lighting category

First Award:

Product: combined lighting pole for the Tel-Aviv Jaffa Municipality.
Manufacturer: P.L.H Engineering and Lighting Ltd.
Design: Sharon Danzig – Industrial Design Studio; Yael Moria –  Moria Sekely Landscape Architects


Second Place:

Product: Half & Half – Executive Furniture Systems
Manufacturer: Teknion Israel Group Ltd.
Design: Naama Steinbook and Idan Freidman – Reddish Company


D. Green/Sustainable Products Category

First Award

Product: Z20 – Solar Energy Generation Device
Manufacturer: Zenith Solar
Design: Ezri Tarazi, Uri Levin – Tarazi Studio Ltd.


Second Award

Product: Composter Dynami
Production: Keter Plastic Ltd. – Gardening Department
Design: Eran Maslem, Tal Shwartz – d-vision


E. Concept design category

Product: Bware – small water volume monitor
Design: Ariel Drach, Alex Sudak – A2



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