Drinking water for China, Israeli style

As reported in Israel 21c Normally, “green” and “desalination” are two words that don’t go together. Desalination is a process that takes brackish inland or sea water and makes it drinkable. This can be a lifesaver in countries with limited or no access to fresh water, such as Saudi Arabia or Jordan, but the processesContinue reading “Drinking water for China, Israeli style”

Israel Water Technology Delegation to Brisbane

Australian natural resources boom attracts foreign investment from Israel, and leads to a trade delegation visiting Brisbane to explore opportunities for Israeli Water Technology in the mining and coal seam gas industries. Since its founding, Israel has been coping with water scarcity and has been treating the subject as a national priority. The country hasContinue reading “Israel Water Technology Delegation to Brisbane”


Netafim™ is the global leader in smart drip and micro irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. With more than 35 subsidiaries worldwide, Netafim agronomists and engineers deliver optimal solutions to growers in over 112 countries, with 14 manufacturing facilities around the globe and over 2,400 employees. Netafim helps the world grow more with less, thisContinue reading “Netafim”

WATEC Israel 2011

WATEC 2011 – The 6th International Exhibition & the 3rd International Conference on Water Technologies, Renewable Energy and Environmental Control. The WATEC 2011 Exhibition & Conference is Israel’s prime event for showcasing its technologies and achievements in the fields of water, environment and energy.

Israel & Poland signed environmental joint declaration of cooperation

The cooperation is primarily in the realms of promoting investment and exchange of technologies. Cooperation will be in the form of rotation of specialists, both professionals and technicians   Israel and Poland signed last week a joint declaration of cooperation on water supply and sustainable energy technology management policy. This and other agreements were signedContinue reading “Israel & Poland signed environmental joint declaration of cooperation”


SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum, will lead the revolution of data and information technology for water networks, yielding a more efficient and more sustainable water industry. London, Feb 21st 2011 – Water industry leaders have announced today that they have joined forces in the establishment of SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum, a globalContinue reading “WATER INDUSTRY LEADERS JOIN FORCES TO PROMOTE SMARTER SOLUTIONS FOR WATER NETWORKS”

BGU among world’s top green universities

As reported in Israel 21C: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) has been ranked 46th greenest campus in the world, according to a study conducted by the Green Metric organization that compares universities on their degree of commitment to environmental education and implementation of sustainable policies. Thousands of institutions and associations across the globe appliedContinue reading “BGU among world’s top green universities”

Self-sustaining nuclear energy from Israel

As reported by Israel21c: Though the very mention of nuclear energy makes many people nervous, it’s no secret that we will come to depend on it more and more as highly-polluting and costly fossil fuels go the way of the dinosaurs from which they derive. That’s why the world’s best minds are focused on findingContinue reading “Self-sustaining nuclear energy from Israel”

AICC Trade Mission to Israel focusing on Smart & Safe Cities, Thinking like an Entrepreneur, and The Highway to Innovation

The Israel Trade Commission together with the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce is happy to invite you to join us on a delegation to Israel focusing on the following topics. Two Group Meeting Streams  Homeland Security – ‘Smart and Safe Cities’ Includes visit to the 1st Israel HLS International Conference about Security Technology Operations Policies fromContinue reading “AICC Trade Mission to Israel focusing on Smart & Safe Cities, Thinking like an Entrepreneur, and The Highway to Innovation”

Tom Ridge: Israel’s renewable energy know-how among world’s best

  As reported in IVC: “In order to ensure that sustainable and safe technologies are developed in Israel, it’s necessary to maintain a suitable balance between the state and the market.” In an interview with “Globes”, former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge says, “The socioeconomic and environmental needs of the 21st century require innovation and energyContinue reading “Tom Ridge: Israel’s renewable energy know-how among world’s best”